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Spring 1

Week 6

Phew! Spring 1 DONE!! We've had great fun in our learning this half term, now time for some wellbeing and mindfulness so we enter the holidays rested and relaxed.

Some of us got to make and try our string telephones this week. We were able to make the sound waves travel down the strings causing vibrations and allowing us to hear better.

Week 5

Today we learned about how sound travels. We began by playing the sound of an alarm clock. Little by little we moved away from the source of the sound, eventually putting obstacles between it and us and we noted how the sound changed. We then went with our partners into the yard to see how far apart we could be and still hear each other speaking in our normal voices. Next week we are going to make our own string telephones and see if that helps us hear each other better.

Pen License Alert!!!! Eva has become the first Year 4 of the year to gain her pen license! Well deserved after relentless determination and perseverance. We are proud of you Eva, who will be next??

Happy Chinese New Year!!! We made lovely framed decorations to celebrate the start of the Year of the Pig on the Chinese calendar. Each picture is the Chinese symbol of one of the animals from the Chinese Zodiac.

Week 4

Myths and Legends are the order of the day in English. We have studied two books, "Can You Catch a Mermaid?" and "The Seal Children.". We memorized the whole of the first page off by heart with actions. We will use Jackie Morris's ideas to help us with our own work.

We investigated pitch in Science this week by working out how the pitch in each instrument changed. We also rocked it to Bohemian Rhapsody and The Phantom of the Opera while identifying whether the pitch was high or low.

Week 3

This week we learned about how sound is made and how the ear hears. We developed TV style presentations to show what we understood.

Week 2

WE LOVE READING LOB!!! Today we created nature art inspired by our class story, Lob by Linda Newbery. We think this story is magical and inspirational. We were talking about the choices we made and reasons behins the way we chose to design our own Lob pictures based on ideas from the text. Super fun learning!



In Science we are learning all about the wonder that is sound.

We have discovered that all sounds are caused by vibrations and that vibrations are created in different ways. We used musical instruments to try and find out the different ways the vibrations are made. It was very loud and great fun, but we learned lots!


WE LOVE RECIPROCAL READING!!! We use different strategies to further our understanding of a text and improve our reading skills. It is a strategy called Reciprocal Reading. There are five important jobs; Big Boss, Clarifier, Questioner, Predictor and Summariser. Here is what we think about it; "Reciprocal Reading is really fun, we work with our team mates and it helps us enjoy reading" (Ava R), " Reciprocal Reading is really awesome!"( Thomas S) , "Reciprocal Reading helps us learn different skills while enjoying reading."(Eva B) "I find Reciprocal Reading fun because you have special jobs and it helps you make reading more fun!" (Millie G) "It's awesommmmmme!" (Tommy H).

We challenge you all to solve the problem of the Deca Tree. This week in maths we have been learning how to multiply by 10 and 100. We used our skills to investigate the problem of the Deca Tree.

We had to think logically and record systematically to make our thinking clear and easier to work with.

I wonder if any adults at home can solve this problem as efficiently as us...?be as clever as us and solve this problem.......

Week 1

Look how proud we are of our poems and performances!!

We imitated the poem "I DId Not Eat the Goldfish" today, and created our class poem "I Did Not Bite the Postman." After that we worked in groups to produce our own group poems, we're getting good at this poetry mullarkey.

Today we performed Maths magic, by learning to multiply any number by 10!

Identifying features of a poem by using Talk For Writing.