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Spring 1

WB: 17.01.22


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We've been globetrotting stateside again this week. In Geography we have been investigating the topography of the United States, paying particular concentration on New York. We went on a road trip across America from the West to the East coast on Google Earth, then using our iPads, found out everything we could do in New York state and New York City.. We listened to songs with a New York theme and created a double-page spread about what we can do in New York.

Mrs Irving's group were having great fun visualising and manipulating fractions today. This helps us to understand how you can have improper fractions and mixed numbers.

WB: 10.01.22


We had an amazing end to the week when M and M Productions brought their fantastic pantomime "Jack and the Beanstalk" to schcool. A great time was had by all..........OOOOOOOH YES IT WAS!!!!!!!

In Science this week we started to explore the concept of inheritance. We looked at celebrity families and identified features that the offspring of celebs had either inherited from their parents or passed down to their offspring. Following that, we modeled inheritance by making parents of Mr Men and Little Miss characters. Using their features we predicted what their offspring may look like. It was great fun and really helped us to understand.

Mrs Irving's group have had a real treat in maths, finding fractions and eating them!!!

We created a Geordie Romeo and Juliet (Ronnie and Jules) as a class in shared writing. This will help us structure and write our own when we begin them tomorrow.

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Today we had fun improvising scenes from Romeo and Juliet - with a twist........

We set them in 2022 in Newcastle. This will help us when we come to write our own scripts later in the week. 

WB: 03.1.22

We have had a wonderful start to 2022 in 6L. The children have all returned with an amazing positive approach to their learning and are showing a real maturity as they head towards the end of primary school. 

Long may this super attitude continue. 

In DT we designed Venetian masks for a character from Romeo and Juliet to wear at the masked ball in scene 2 where Romeo and Juliet meet. We had to use what we have learned about the characters to influence our designed so that they gave a true representation of our chosen character. The music we were listening to was traditional 16th Century venetian baroque music, much like what would have been at the masked ball.

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We used a comic strip version of Romeo and Juliet to get our head around the main events of the story. We then played "Switch" to retell it to our partners.

Taylor Swift - Love Story (Lyrics)

We have been learning Taylor Swift's "Love Story" which was inspired by the story of Romeo and Juliet. Using Music has really helped us understand the narrative.

Science saw the beginning of a fab new topic about Evolution and Inheritance. This week we looked at fossils and how they are important. We then played a matching pair game in which we had to find the dinosaur that matched the fossil and explain why. We did really well and we can now explain why fossils are important, how they are created and what we can learn from them.

Acting the part.........

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We all took on different roles in Act 1, Scene 1 and 2 of Romeo and Juliet. Look at how we used expression to bring our characters to life.