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Spring 1

Week 4

On Tuesday, we had a fantastic time at Forest school with Miss Cowling. We followed a recipe to make our own dough. We then wound it around a stick to cook it on the fire pit. We then cooked hot dogs and slotted them into our bread buns. They were delicious! After, we toasted marshmallows as our pudding! 

Week 3

We’ve had another busy week in Y4! We have looked at seasons and climates in our geography lesson this week to discover that the UK has a maritime climate. This means that our seasons are cool and wet. We discovered why we have seasons and the reason for extreme weather around the world.

We have focussed our efforts on winning the Circle of Fitness challenge this week - and we were rewarded with the trophy on Friday! A brilliant effort by all Y4 - well done! 
Ellie is our Achiever this week - she has shown a great understanding and enthusiasm in our maths lessons this week. A super and impressive effort this week!

Week 2

This week we’ve continued with our journalistic writing unit and have begun writing a report on The wolves in the Walls.


In science this week, we were investigating pitch. We explored how glockenspiels, ukeles and wooden blocks created low and high sounds before looking at glasses filled with differing quantities of water. We predicted which glass would make the highest and lowest notes before tapping them with a spoon. We found out that the glass with the lowest amount of water created the highest note.

In art, we designed a stencil and carved it out of a potato so that we could print our design.


Miya is our Achiever this week - she’s settled in to our class brilliantly and has made lots of new friends. Well done Miya!

Week 1

Welcome back and happy new year everyone! Miss Morris and I hope that everyone had a lovely festive period! 
We’ve begun our art unit on relief printing today. Miss Morris is our artist in residence and brought in a number of lino blocks for us to use in our lesson. She explained how she created each block and allowed us to use them to print an image. We discovered lots of techniques to make our prints effective. We then tried to copy an image, thinking about the negative space on the page.

We’ve begun an English unit on journalistic writing and have analysed the features of a newspaper article. On Thursday, we looked at writing techniques for effective headlines and begun writing our own from a picture prompt. These were some of our ideas:

’Puppy in a cuppy!’ by Ellie, ‘Clock dings its last dong!’ by Harley and ‘As snug as a pug in a mug!’ by Nate.


Amber was our Achiever this week for all her super effort throughout the week. Keep it up Amber!