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Spring 1

Welcome Back to the Spring Term


We've had a great first two weeks back after our Christmas holidays. The children have came back into school calm and ready to learn. Keep up the good work Year 1. 


In Mathematics this week we have been learning to find the difference. This was a brand new concept for the children and they have practised in many ways practically and on worksheets. They can all now tell me the difference from 10, using objects or Numicon. 


In English we have been reading a new collection of stories called 'Old Bear and Friends' by Jane Hissey. These stories link into our history topic of 'History of Toys'. The children have all enjoyed finding out what year the stories were written in, and discuss what happened in the stories. The children have begun to write a story about Old Bear using features of a narrative. 


The children have all worked so hard that we let them have a little Friday treat.... A PANTOMIME! We hope they enjoyed it. 





Friday 21st January - Week 3 - Spring 1


We have achieved so much this week. The children have made so much progress in their narrative writing. We have been reading the story Ruff by Jane Hissey. The children have loved this story, hearing the adventures of the characters and predicting what they think will happen. In computing we are continuing our digital art unit, the children tried really hard to complete a mosaic activity. In Maths this week we have started our place value unit, partitioning numbers into tens and ones. A fantastic working week Year 1.