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Spring 1

Week beginning January 24th


We are reading In Every House, on Every Street by Jess Hitchman this week which is a celebration of HOMES and all the families within them.



In Maths we will be representing and exploring the composition of 9 and 10. WE will meet number 9 and 10 Numberblocks with their friends.



Week beginning January 17th


This week in Maths we will begin to use language to describe length, height and breadth. We will order and sequence important times in our day and use language such as now, before and later. We will be using non-standard measures such as feet, hands and bricks.


In Literacy we will be reading If I Built a House by chris Van Dusen. We will be using our imagination to design fantasy cities and houses and write about them.



Week beginning January 10th


This week we will be looking at environmental issues such as recycling and pollution. We will read George Saves the World by Lunchtime by Dr Jo Readman and will discuss what we can do to help look after our planet.



In Maths we will be finding and making pairs, beginning to understand that a pair is two and combining two groups to find how many altogether. We will read Simon Sock by Sue Hendra. Simon is a sock. An only, lonely sock. He never gets picked. If only Simon had his pair they could skate! They could bounce! They could hula!



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Week beginning January 4th


This week we begin a topic of Earth, Wind and Fire. We will be reading Elmer and the Wind by David McKee and will make our own kites to fly.



In Maths we will be looking at numbers 6,7 and 8 and will meet the corresponding Numberblocks.