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Spring 1

Mummifying Hot Dog experiment.

This week we have been learning about the ancient Egyptians and the art of mummification. To show what effect mummification had on the body we are using baking soda and hot dogs to demonstrate this. This experiment takes 14 days to complete. 


On day 0 we measured the length, circumference and weight of the hot dog and observed what it looked like. 

On day 7 we repeat the measurements and observe the changes.

On day 14 we repeated the process. 




Day 0

Day 7

Day 14



Day 0

length 10cm

circumference 6cm

weight 20g

Appearance light brown, cold, wet, smooth


Day 7

length 8cm

circumference 5cm

weight 18g

Appearance darker, smaller, drier, still quite smooth


Day 14

length 7cm

circumference 4cm

weight 10g

Appearance very dark, dry, rubbery and bendy. 


We found out that mummification shrinks the body and dries it out. This is how they have been preserved for thousands of years!

mummy is a corpse whose skin and flesh have been preserved by chemicals or by exposure to the elements of weather. The ancient Egyptians believed that preserving the body was important because without the body, the previous owner's "ka," or life force, would always be hungry. It was important for a person's ka to survive so that he or she could enjoy the afterlife, or life after death. The ancient Egyptians started mummifying remains about 3500 BC.


Mental Health Week 1st February

This week we will be creating a Time Capsule for Lockdown 3 2021.

Today we made our Time Capsule and included our first objects.

We made posters to show people how to stay clean and safe and put tissues and sanitizer in our capsule.