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Spring 1

1st February - Week 4


This week in Maths we have been learning how to measure. We have been measuring length and height and comparing the difference between these. The children have challenged themselves to use language such as long, short, longest, shortest, tall, small, with some children able to use centimeters. The children have enjoyed measuring the length and height of things around our classroom, independently too. 


We have a brand new jungle Reading Corner in our classroom, the children have loved hiding in the jungle and reading a story. Watch out for the snakes though!  

Thank you to Luca's dad, who kindly brought in Luca's pet Penny into school for all the children to see. Penny is a Bearded Dragon, the children enjoyed having a feel of Penny's skin and used words like rough, spiky, bumpy and hard to describe her. The children asked some great questions and now all know how a pet Bearded Dragon is looked after at home. 

25th January - Week 3 

This week we started off with Physical Development on Monday. The children were given the chance to explore the climbing apparatus in the Gym... they loved it. Most children were confident to climb on all equipment and those that were a little unsure at first were climbing and jumping with confidence by the end of the lesson. During our first topic of the term (Dinosaurs) we have also been looking at Volcanoes. The children loved learning about these and on Wednesday the children observed a Science experiment of watching a Volcano erupt. The children were able to observe and discuss and use new vocabulary to explain what they noticed, they then wrote about it in their Literacy work. What a fantastic week!  


Next week we will be learning about measuring length and height in Maths and we will be reading the story Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson in our Literacy work, as we move onto our next topic of Jungles.   

Happy New Year!


Welcome back to the Spring term. During this half term our topics will be Dinosaurs and Jungles. In Maths the children will be covering number recognition to 10, 20 and some children will be challenged to recognise numbers to 100, we will also be exploring capacity. In Phonics we will be consolidating Set 1 sounds and learning new Set 2 sounds. While in Literacy the children will be focusing on generating their own sentences and writing them as independently as possible using their Phonic knowledge. If the children would like to bring in any Fiction or Non-Fiction books about Dinosaurs or Jungles, they are more than welcome to and we will share them together as a class.   

18th January - Spring 1 - Week 2

This week we have been reading the story 'Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs'. On Tuesday the children were imagining what they would have a 'bucket full of' and writing some sentences about it. We had lots of fun thinking of ideas, someone even had her sister in the bucket, everyone was then able to write a sentence as independently as possible about their idea.


In Maths we have been recognising numbers to 10,20, and 100 in lots of different ways, games, songs and trying to order the number 1-10 and 1-20 on Dinosaur feet. Lots of active Maths this week.


Finally, on Friday the children all deserved a treat. So we were lucky enough to have a Pantomime (Cinderella) here at Waverley. The children all enjoyed singing and dancing along in the gym, even those children who were a little unsure at first were laughing and singing away. What a good way to end the week!