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Spring 1

A Visit from an Expert


Today, we had a visit from Hannah. Hannah is Mrs Sample’s niece. She is an expert on American History. 
Hannah taught us about slavery and the terrible conditions that the slaves suffered. We learned about the Mason Dixie Line and the American Civil War. 
Ask us what the achievements were of President Lincoln or what the Emancipation Proclamation is!

Year 1 Computing


Sometimes it’s hard work being in Year 6... having to help out the younger children in school!

Today, we went to help them use the IPads to play new games... games that help their learning.

Science - making our games...

Our designs were fantastic! We have LOVED making our games. 

We had some time to play them together. Mrs Leeming found time to pop in.
On Friday morning, we invited Year 4 to play our games... We all had great fun and Year 4 thought our games were terrific!
NOTICE: We have some very important homework this week... make sure you are ready for WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON!

We have had a very busy week...


We have started reading our new book: Holes by Louis Sachar.


In maths, we have been exploring shape - quadrilaterals and 3-d shape.


Here we are in science, exploring circuits. Ask us about the ENERGY TRANSFER MODEL...

Welcome back everyone!