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Spring 1

Week 6

We have had another busy week. Y5 have retold a healing miracle in the form of a song, have planned and written a time slip story to submit to the BBC's 500 words competition, have wowed Miss Cowling with our gymnastics skills and have investigated reversible and irreversible changes in our science lesson. The children were excited to create casein plastic by mixing warm milk and white vinegar. This is a simple experiment that you could do at home too! We also create carbon dioxide by mixing bicarbonate of soda and vinegar together.

On Wednesday, the RNLI came to tell us all about how to stay safe at the beach.

Week 5

This week in maths, we have concentrated on multiplying three digit numbers by two digit numbers. We have used a grid method, then an expanded written method and some of the children moved on to using a shortened written method. Impressive work Y5!

We have tabulated the results of our salt water solution experiment and utilised our maths skills to draw a line graph. We found out that the computing suite was the best place to evaporate the liquid from the solid.  

Week 4

This week we have been separating mixtures. We found out that we could separate large solids from a liquid by using a colander or a sieve. We couldn't use either to separate sand and water, so we used a filter. We set up an investigation to find out which is the best place in school in order to separate a salt water solution. We are going to measure the volume of solution left at the same time every day for a week. 

Meghan from Northumbria Police came in to work with us again on Wednesday. We discussed situations that may cause us to feel angry and discussed different strategies in order to cope with them.

Mrs McGettrick taught PE on Friday and was really impressed again by the children's progress. Their hockey skills have come on in leaps and bounds in such a short time - well done team!

Week 3

This week, our focus is procedural writing. Some of us have been able to make a jumping frog while others have made a windmill. We're finding out about the miracles that Jesus performed, so this week we used a model in order to retell the miracle of The Paralysed Man.

Week 2

This week we have been learning how to draw line graphs, using commas for parenthesis (thank you Tillie for letting us use your sentences in our grammar lessons this week!), debating whether the Maya were bloodthirsty, investigating which materials can create a solution and have worked well in a team to improve our hand/eye co-ordination skills during PE. We have also been thoroughly entertained during the pantomime on Friday afternoon too! What a busy week!

Week 1

Welcome back! I hope that you all enjoyed a lovely festive break! 

This week we have used a formula to find the area of different shapes, been further hooked by our class novel, The Explorer, written some excellent descriptive sentences related to a hidden temple, impressed Mrs McGettrick with our hockey skills and studied Mayan sources to find out what life was like for their civilisation over 1000 years ago.