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Spring 1

Week 6

Lots of certificate winners this week. Special mention to Jade - our class achiever and Jessica and Callie for bronze certificates in mathletics.

We competed in the prize for the BBC's 500 Words competition.

LOVE IS IN THE AIR!!! The Valentine Disco was a great success. Should you be buying a hat.....???

We made our own switches in Science this week out of paper clips and now understand how circuits work with switches. We LOVE Science!!!


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It was Safer Internet Week and we made sure we were all safe online by watching a video made by digital leaders from around the OWL Trust and making bunting to decorate the Computing Suite.

The RNLI came to talk to us about the very important issue of water safety this week. We learned very important skills, took good advice and also had lots of fun!

We are loving our extra sessions of PE in Year 4, this week we played dodgeball and boy can we tell we are improving, both physically and in our skills. We are starting to notice just how many sports smart people we have here at Waverley.

Week 5

Well done to our Star Achievers this week, Jayden and Marley and certificates for Mathletics for Callie and Anna!

Well done 4L for reaching over 1000 Dojos! You ALL got to pick out of the prize box today!

Congratulations and Celebration

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In Science we have been building more circuits, this time we worked out how to make a motor spin one way then another. We're SO clever!


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In RE this week we have deepened our understanding about faith in our local community. We can identify symbols and their meanings of the Buddhist faith, how Buddhists live their lives and we even practiced meditation. We decided that meditation is something we could all use to rest, reflect and relax whether or not you practice Buddhism.


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In Art we moved on to learning how to create an effective colour wash as a background for a painting. We can now colour wash a sky and a sunset background. We can't wait for you to come in so we can teach you all about it.

Maths saw us developing our division skills. It became really obvious who had put effort into learning their times tables as it really helped them solve problems and answer questions quicker.

Week 4

In Science this week we learned how to successfully complete a circuit the right way, we lit bulbs and made buzzer buzz - we had creat fun. We even used to technical symbols to record what we did.

In English this week we learned a whole chapter of our book using a story map and actions. Ask us to show you what we can do.

We found out about Jewish identity by performing a team treasure hunt quiz. We did really well, getting all of our answers correct - ask us about it.

Week 3

Congratulations to our certificate winners this week! All very well deserved.

We continued our watercolour skills unit in Art today when we used only one colour to create sea or landcapes, using no white, only water to achieve different tones.

Discoery learning in Science today - experimenting with a load pf equipment to see if we can work out how to get a circuit to work!! Emily was delighted to get there first!!

Week 2

Congratulations to our certificate winners today!!! We're so proud of you all!

We had such fun ending the week with M and M Productions Pantomime "Aladdin"......OOooooooh yes we DID!!!!


We were blessed to be lucky enough to be able to hold a Skype chat with Leila Borris today. Leila volunteers ,as often as she can afford to, in refugee camps to aid people fleeing war torn countries and living in danger. She shared her experiences in such a way that we got a real sense of what life would be like for the people living under these conditions. We smiled, we cried, but most importantly we learned, and now we want to do something to help contribute to Leila's next trip out there. Enjoy our photos and videos, under all of this we will include the link to Leila's Just Giving page in case you know anyone who may be interested in making a donation to this very worth while cause. Thank you so much Leila, you're an inspiration to us all! Good luck!

Skype chat with Refugee Camp Volunteer, Leila Borris

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We continued our story of The Wild Robot this week. It made us really think about what it would be like to be in a strange new place where you knew nobody, understood nothing, had nothing and people didn't understand you or you them. We related that to the current refugee crisis in places such as Syria. It made us consider how hard it must be to leave everything you knew behind and try to start again with nothing in a whole new country. Today we are lucky enough to be Skype video chatting to Leila Borris. Leila volunteers regularly in a refugee camp on the Greek island of Chios. Vial Refugee camp houses over 2000 people fleeing Syria who arrive with nothing.

Week 1

In Art this week we are beginning to learn about the medium of watercolour. We developed skills that taught us how to create different tones using no white paint and only water. It was really relaxing and we did so well with it.

Today we thought about what the otters would think about this strange arrival to their island and their mixed emotions. We worked as a group to explore what they mat think and say and used improvisation and group work to record our thoughts.

We began our exciting new text this week. The Wild Robot by Peter Brown. It begins with a shipwreck in which a crate containing a robot ends up on an island. The robot Roz has landed and activated and at first glance out of her box, we started thinking about how Roz may look at the world. We role played telephone conversations between Roz and another robot and thought about how Roz may describe the things around her using expanded noun phrases.