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Spring 1

Week 6


Many thanks to the RNLI who came in this week to teach years 1-6 about water safety. 

This week year 3 made Egyptian red lentil soup. We chopped all the different vegetables, added lentils and stock then left it to cook in the soup maker! It was delicious served with pitta bread. 

Egyptian Red Lentil Soup

Week 5


This week we have learnt how the ancient Egyptians mummified the dead. We had a go at acting out the ritual and mummifying our class mates.

Look at our Pyramids made from Lego...

Week 4

Baking Egyptian Sweet Cookies

This week we made sweet cookies from Egypt!

Forest School

This week the children learnt to tie different knots, a figure eight knot and a clove hitch knot. We used them to put up a shelter using tarpaulins and rope. We painted our faces to camouflage ourselves. We enjoyed hot chocolate and biscuits in our shelters. 




This term in P.E. year 3 are doing gymnastics. They have been learning different shapes, balances and rolls.

Week 3

Egyptian Honey Cake

This week we have learnt that the honey bee was sacred to the Ancient Egyptians. Honey was used in lots of recipes and bees were kept and moved up and down the river Nile on boats. Honey was often buried with the dead for their journey to the afterlife.

Forest School

This week at forest school we were able to recall what we learnt about different trees and plants last week. We identified differences in the environment compared to the previous week. We practised tying knots to make rope people and we dressed them using leaves from the forest.


Week 2

Egyptian Flatbread

This term our topic is the Ancient Egyptians. As part of that topic we will cooking and tasting a variety of Egyptian food. This week the children made flatbread which was a main source of food for the ancient Egyptians. 

Forest School

This week Year 3 have begun forest school. Today we went on a nature walk around Denton Dene. We used spotter guides to help us identify and name trees and their leaves and different animal homes in our local area. We explored the woodland and found that a wide variety of trees and animals live in the Dene. We played games called it's not a stick and Predator and Prey. 

Week 1

Happy New Year!

Welcome Back after the Christmas holidays. I hope everyone had a relaxing break! Year 3 have a very busy term ahead...

Our topic this term is the Egyptians. As well as finding out all about how people lived in ancient Egypt, the pyramids and mummification; we will be cooking and tasting a variety of Egyptian food. We have a trip to the Oriental Museum planned in February to enhance the children's learning. Our main text this term is The Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carroll. Alongside our Egyptian Topic the children will also be attending forest school to learning about plants and animals in science. Forest school will be every Wednesday morning for 6 weeks.