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Spring 1

Spring 1 week 5:

The children have enjoyed continuing our topic Castle, Knights and dragons.  We had great fun making potions in the water to make ourselves into unicorns as suggested by the children and we even made magic wands to make our potions come alive, we have been practicing our number formation through counting dragons, played dice games to get the dragons to the castle, designed and built castles with key features such as arrow loops, moats, drawbridges and even knights.  

Next week will be our final week of this topic and we are going to base it around a Princess story called Oops a daisy Princess.  She is not very good on her feet and after baking a lovely birthday cake for her friend, she drops it at the party.  With this in mind all of our activities next week will be around birthdays, parties and invitations.  We can't wait to bake our own cakes.

Please see below some of the fun we have had.

Thank you also to one of our children who brought in the sequal story to our book focus Marmaduke.  The children enjoyed seeing what happend to him next.


Spring 1 week 4:

We have loved starting our new topic Castles Knights and Dragon by reading the book Zog and Zog and the flying Doctors.  We have written book reviews, labeled Zogs body parts,  we have mixed yellow and red paint to make Zogs orange body, made magic potions using Bicarbonate of soda and vinegar with glitter and bugs.  The children wanted to turn their dragons into lots of things including "a bug, a fast car and a horse".

We have also added new stories to our Sound station and this week we have been listening to Room on the broom alongside small world charachters, witches hats and cauldrons.  We have also been learning how to program toys using Codeacaterpillar and Colour change Chamelion.  We are going to develop our writing and letter formation skills on the ipads next week so keep posted to see how well we do.


Homework has now been issued to all children to develop letter recognition, letter sounds and letter formation.  Please return this each week as stated in the window so we can help your child to develop and progress in their learning at home as well as in school.  The work we have had back so far has been Outstanding.

Spring 1 week 3

We have had a great ending to our topic of Ice and snow.  The children were able to demonstrate their good number recognition through making a number line with penguins 1-10 and in some cases 1-12.  We have been developing our writing skills through our daily phonics sessions, daily writing tasks and intervention groups.  This week I have sent all children homework to complete for next Wednesday so please take 10 minutes of your time to support your child with the writing task.

We completed our Science experiment through ordering how we melted ice using a variety of water solutions and which was the fastest to melt.  

Our new topic to take us up to the half term will be:

Castle, Dragons, Knights and Princesses.

We are all super excited and have already got a new class pet Zog the dragon.  We will hit the ground running by learning all about Zog and how he learns at Dragon school to become the Flying Doctor.  If you have this story at home please read it with your child at bed time or if you have bbciplayer they still have the video on there to watch.  Its a great movie for the whole family and lasts 45 minutes.

Please keep posted for design, science and history based activities we will be completing.

Spring 1 Week 2:


This week our pens have been on fire learning to write letter, numbers 1-10 and our names.  We have developed all of these skills and more through our new topic:

Ice and Snow

We have held science experiments to find which solution was the best to melt ice from salty water, cold water, hot water and warm tap water.  Hot water melted the ice fastest.  We have learnt about Polar and Non-Polar animals and compared them.  We have discussed the new idea of camoflage and what this is.  We have painted snow pictures and best of all it actually snowed so we went sledging.

Please see how much we have learnt this week

Spring 1 Week 1:


Welcome back after the Christmas holidays.  I hope you were all spoilt and had some quality family time together.  In class the children have been learning about their new topic:

Stick Man

This has been to develop story telling, sequencing and character description.  We have read the book, watched the video and had many discussion.  The children have labelled Stick Man, made a family tree for him, made him using split pins, ordered the story, counted his family and ordered them according to their size.  What a busy week it has been.