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Spring 2

Week beginning 29.3.21


On Tuesday Year 3 & 4 worked together to conduct a habitat survey of the school grounds! They were looking for changes in the environment and the effects the changes had on the plants and animals that live there. 


Negative effects

* fences block animal pathways

* trees cut down destroy creatures homes

* resurfacing the fitness trail has destroyed creatures homes and means the water can not be absorbed affecting the growth of plants


Positive effects

* building the bug house for mini beats to live in.

* building bird boxes and hanging bird seed to feed and shelter the birds. 

* providing litter bins to keep the school grounds tidy

Week 5

We have had another busy week in Y4! We're really enjoying The Spiderwick Chronicles and have already finished reading the first book! We're now reading The Seeing Stone. We've been busy making a nest for Brownie/Boggart and we're very proud of our efforts! We've also made colourful stained glass crosses in our RE lesson, which really brighten up our classroom!

On Tuesday we were searching the school grounds for evidence of invertebrates - we found an array of different creatures and used classification keys to identify each one.

Week 4

This week we have enthusiastically got stuck in to our learning! We have looked at classifying living things in our science lesson and have defined what makes something a reptile, mammal, amphibian, fish and bird. We've delved deeper into the world of The Spiderwick Chronicles, which features riddles left behind by a faerie. We have written our own riddles today. Can you guess the items from our clues?


What has a tongue but no mouth?

What has a heel but can't walk?

What has a sole but isn't alive?


Week 3

Welcome back everyone! It has been lovely to see everyone together again! What a lovely, (if somewhat noisy!) return to school.