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Spring 2

Week beginning 29.3.21


On Tuesday Year 3 & 4 worked together to conduct a habitat survey of the school grounds! They were looking for changes in the environment and the effects the changes had on the plants and animals that live there. 


Negative effects

* fences block animal pathways

* trees cut down destroy creatures homes

* resurfacing the fitness trail has destroyed creatures homes and means the water can not be absorbed affecting the growth of plants


Positive effects

* building the bug house for mini beats to live in.

* building bird boxes and hanging bird seed to feed and shelter the birds. 

* providing litter bins to keep the school grounds tidy

Week beginning 22.3.21


This week the children have written a biography about Cleopatra VII and created there own presentation using power point. 


This week we have learnt about pollination. We described how bees pollinate flowers and made card flowers which we placed in the garden. We put honey on the flowers to represent nectar. The ‘nectar’ and colourful flowers attracted different insects who carried it to other parts of the garden. 

Week beginning 15.3.21

This week we have been .continuing our plants topic in science. We have begun an investigation to see how different amounts of light affect the growth of geraniums. We have also planted our kitchen garden. We are growing basil, tomatoes and strawberries. 

Scavenger hunt

On Wednesday we had a nature scavenger hunt in the school grounds. 

Week beginning 8.3.21

In science this week we are investigating how water travels through plants. The children have put white flowers and celery in coloured water to hopefully change the colour of the leaves and petals. It took a few days to see the dye travel up the stems. 


We have been studying the River Nile in geography. This week we have discussed the impact of building the Aswan High Damn. We sorted the facts into positive and negative effects. Overall we decided that the Aswan High Damn had a positive impact on the people of Egypt. 

Welcome Back!

It's great to see all the children back after the latest lock down. They have settled in well and are enjoying seeing all of their friends in our newly painted classroom. This term homework will be set on seesaw each week. It will be set on a Monday to be handed in by Friday.


P.E. continues to be on a Monday afternoon.


This term we are continuing our topic about Ancient Egypt. The children will study the River Nile in Geography, learn about the Israelites of Ancient Egypt in R.E. and in English, they will be learning about Cleopatra VII, the last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt with the writing focus on biographies. Our science topic this term is plants and in maths the children will be recapping number, place value, addition & subtraction, then focusing on multiplication & division, before moving onto fractions.