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Spring 2

WB; 29.03.21


I am excited to be able to tell you that Year 5 have four dates for Summer term in which they will be taking part in Forest School. 

On these days children are to come to school dressed appropriately according to the weather, as it will go ahead in most weather conditions. So dig out your wellies and waterproofs as we do live in England and the weather isn't always consistent - even in the Summer!!


The dates we have been given are; 


  • Wednesday 5th May
  • Wednesday 26th May
  • Wednesday 23rd June
  • Wednesday 14th July


It is likely that this will be taking place in the Dene - aren't we lucky to have such a place on our doorstep?!


In Science this week we investigated why and how the Sun appears to move across the sky. We observed the hourly changes in shadows and can now explain what this shows us and why.

We have been really enjoying reading our class text "Clockwork" by Philip Pullman. This week we demonstrated our understanding of the events in Part 2 by using role play and frieze frames. We had to model an event of part two and our class mates had to guess who the characters were and at what point in the story they were modelling. We showed excellent understanding and really performed well.

WB; 22.03.21

In Art this week we used fine liner pens to create different effects using line. We looked at works by Alexander Cozens and Vincent Van Gogh and then had to complete the picture using different lines and our viewfinders.


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We had great fun in PE today with Mrs Sample and Mrs Lynch - we made good use of our bottom yard facilities and play a very competitive game of "Hot Spot" and, because it was such a lovely day, we also found time for a roll down the hill!!!

WB; 15.03.21

After our assessment week and all our hard work we had a day of mindfulness and well-being on Friday. We created mindfulness doodles using different sized fine liner pens and listened to some chill out music. We really relaxed - we'd earned it!

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In Science this week we learned all about the Earth and Moon's orbits. To do this we acted out the path that they took and made our own movable models to demonstrate it.


WB; 08.03.21
We are sooooo happy to have our Waverley family all back together again this week. We enjoyed catching up with what we've been up to and getting back into school routines. We had no tears whatsoever, everyone was happy to be back. Now let the learning begin again!

We used our iPads to take digital photographs that showed light being captured or reflected in various places around school. We then used editing tools to create different effects.