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Welcome to our class page, thank you for taking the time to access it. I hope you find it informative and fun.


​This year we will be doing P.E on a THURSDAY afternoon. Please can all children have their P.E kits in school every week.


Friday 21st September - Autumn 1 Week 3


This week we have been learning the sounds... t,i,n and p. The children have been working hard to form each letter correctly and using the Read, Write, Inc rhymes to help. 


t- Down the tower, across the tower. 

i- Down the insects body and a dot for his head. 

n- Down Nobby and up and over his head. 

p- Down the pirate's plait and up and over his face.    

Next week the children will be learning the g,o,c and k sounds. 

Friday 14th September - Autumn 1 Week 2  2018-2019

The children have all settled into our Reception class very well. The children are getting used to our new routines and following Waverley rules. Look how smart they look in their new green uniform.


29th November 2017


What a fabulous topic Superheroes has been. The children all enjoyed coming to school dressing as their favourite superhero last week and this gave us an opportunity to create a bank of 'super' words to describe each character. We have then been using these words in our Literacy work through-out the topic. This week in Literacy we were writing about Superhero Potions, the children created their own potion and told us what power their potion would give the superhero. We had ideas like speed powers, jumping powers, fire powers and ice powers. The children then wrote a list of ingredients that they would put into their potion.


In Maths this week we have been working on recognising and ordering numbers to 5,10 and 20. We have also been learning how to find one more or one less than a given number. The children love to complete a challenge, in one of our challenge areas, once they have completed their work.


Our book focus during our Superhero topic has been 'Supertato'. The children have found this book hilarious! On Monday we made traps to catch 'The Evil Pea'. Using junk modelling materials, the children decided on what tools they needed to assemble their trap. Then as a group, the children discussed how they had made their traps and what features each trap had. 

13th November 2017


Today we watched a video about Remembrance day, we discussed why we wear poppies on our clothes and why people donate to the Poppy Appeal every year. The children listened very carefully to the music on the video and were keen to ask questions about why we have this special day on the 11th November, every year. The children talked about what they did or where they were when the whole country fell silent at 11am on Saturday and Sunday. - A link to the poppy video we watched on Cbeebies. 


3rd November 2017


During our Halloween topic this week, we have read the story 'Room on the Broom' by Julia Donaldson. The children enjoyed listening and retelling this story throughout the week. They have been practising their writing by writing the names of the characters in the story- cat, dog, bird and frog.


In Maths we have been measuring broomsticks, ordering numbers on pumpkins and counting pumpkin seeds in our pumpkin pie.

Halloween - 31st October 2017


The children enjoyed coming to school dressed in their scary Halloween costumes. Look how scary they looked...

End of Autumn Term 1


We finished off our Harvest topic with a great performance from the children at our Harvest Festival. We would like to thank you very much for coming to see the performance and as I’m sure you will agree, the children threw themselves whole-heartedly into their roles and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It is an important part of children’s development to perform in front of an audience and your enthusiasm always rubs off on them. It was a great way to end our topic and the children are still signing 'Big Red Combine Harvester', a favourite of the whole school.  


Our book focus in the last week was 'The Little Red Hen'. During the week we made bread discussed how it tasted. The children then wrote some instructions about how to make the bread using their Phonic knowledge.

Friday 22nd September 


It has been none stop this week at Waverley! In our Reception classes we have been learning the sounds t, i, n and p. We have made popcorn, cut out insects, came to school dressed as pirates and made toast,  that the children enjoyed spreading jam and butter onto. Some children have been using their knowledge of letter sounds and blending them together to read some short words. Thank you to everyone that made a donation on Pirate day, the children certainly had great fun learning all about pirates for the day.  

Friday 8th September


Welcome back to the new school year. The children have all settled well into our classrooms and routines. This year our P.E sessions will be on a Monday morning, please could all children have their P.E kits in school for then, (however, for the first couple of weeks of term we will only be taking off socks and shoes). Next week we will be starting our Read, Write, Inc Phonics programme during class time and the children will be learning the sounds m,a,s and d. More information about Read, Write Inc Phonics will be given out in a letter on Monday. Any questions about this, do not hesitate to ask. Thank you to all the children for a great first week back.


Miss Anderson

Wednesday 28th June


This week the children took part in the first part of our transition to Key Stage One mornings. All children from Reception joined with our current Year 1 children for a morning of exploring the KS1 classrooms and met the staff they will be working with next year. The children from my class all said how excited they were for Year 1, now that they have been in the classrooms and experienced some of the activities they will be working on next year. We have another transition morning in the last week of term when the children will be with their new class and new teacher for the whole morning. 


Monday 26th June


This Friday we will be having a circus themed day in our Reception classes. The children will enjoy making lots of circus crafts, make and eat some yummy popcorn and enjoy bouncing away on our Bouncy Castles. We will also be having a sponsored bounce, with a prize for the boy or girl who can bounce the most. The children each have a sponsor form, that is to be handed in on the morning of our circus day. We are very much looking forward to Friday.

Friday 9th June


We have begun a short topic this week to develop children's writing. During independent learning the children have been writing under tables, using different tools and materials to write with and doing some large scale writing. In our Literacy work we made pirate biscuits and wrote some instructions to inform others how to make them too. 


The children have been using their Phonic knowledge to write words and sentences in all areas of the classrooms, they are now extending their initial short sentences and writing in more detail. Look how busy they have been...

Space writing with shaving foam.
Amelia- Mae made a danger poster.
'Don't touch the hot oven' posters.
Spencer enjoyed writing his name on the board.

Wednesday 24th May


What great weather it was today for our Forest School session. Today we went for a walk down to Denton Dene and spotted lots of signs of Summer on the way. The children were able to spot and name different trees, plants and bushes. They spotted an Ash Tree, an Oak tree, some Cow Parsley and some Willow. We even had some fun with Clever, which we now know sticks to your clothes. We chanted the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' when we walked through the long grass at the dene, the children enjoyed singing "Uh oh grass... long wavy grass, we cant go over it, we cant go under it, we will have to go through it".


Once we were in the dene we discussed the steps to keeping safe while out on Forest School, the children confidently stated that they must keep together at all times, if they spot some glass they must not touch it and tell an adult. If they see a hole they must be careful and walk around it and if there are any dogs around they must be quiet and walk away safely.  


What a fantastic day we all had! 


Wednesday 16th May


The children had a great day at Forest School today! Mr Roberts read the story 'Stanley's Stick' and the children thought about different uses for a stick. We had a discussion and the children had some great ideas as to what a stick could be used for.... a wand, a trumpet and even antlers. The children decided to collect lots of sticks to take back to the classroom, while on our walk to the woods. Once in the woods, we used sticks to write our names and made a summer garland, using willow and other things we found.


We discussed the names of different trees and bushes and Mr Roberts was very impressed that the children remembered lots of the names from the last Forest School session, 2 weeks ago.

Friday 12th May


This week we have started the topic... Under the Sea and Pirates. We have read stories such as 'The Rainbow Fish' by Marcus Pfister, 'Sharing a Shell' and 'Tiddler' both by Julia Donaldson.

After reading the story 'Sharing a Shell' we discussed why it is important to share things with our friends and the children discussed together what sharing was. While discussing they came to the conclusion that we must share things so that it is fair.

In our adult directed Maths activities we were sharing out sea sweets for the fish friends and we even had some mental maths division.  

We read the story 'The Rainbow Fish' and discussed as a class what it means to be a good friend. Some children wrote a list about how to be a good friend, using their Phonic knowledge to write words in which match their spoken sounds. Some children decided to write their own version of the story in their independent learning and we had some great sentences about 'The Rainbow Shark' and 'The Rainbow Octopus'.


'The Raibow Shark'
'The Rainbow Fish'
Would you like to see what Reception have been experiencing in their independent learning time?
Finding the matching rhyming words.
"Look how many rhyming words I have found."
"Miss Anderson fox and box rhyme."
Doubling using ladybirds.
Writing out the double number sentence.
"We are moving like snails."
Enjoying reading facts about sharks.
Estimating how many objects in a jar.

Friday 31st March


This week we have been working on a mini topic of 'frogs'. After finding frogspawn in a puddle while out on Forest School, my class have been very interested in learning about how frogs grow. We have looked at the life cycle of a frog and learned all about how it grows into an adult frog. 


We read the story 'Oi Frog' by Kes Gray, this story helped us learn some rhyming words and the children were able to continue a rhyming string in their reading and writing work.



"Look I've found frogspawn."
"It's a not-fiction book."
The Children also made some chicks in our independent play, using different materials, in the Playdough area. We even had some aliens, hedgehogs and snails too!
We also have a super star writer in our class today.... After watching Key stage 2's Egyptian play in the gym this morning, Zachary wrote some sentences about Egypt. He even told me that Egypt must start with a capital letter because it is a place. Wow!  

Friday 17th March


It has been an extra busy week this week as we have had Science week in school. Through out the school the children have been learning lots about Science. In Reception, we have had children out at Forest School looking at signs of Spring and discussing the changes in the environment from the Winter season to the Spring season. The children have taken part in some experiments in which they had to predict what would happen when we mixed oil and water, while making lava lamps. We had lots of messy fun observing the change when adding water and corn flour together, it made slimy gloop, which the children loved putting their hands in. We also made some popcorn (after I bought far too much popcorn... enough to feed the whole school). The children were able to predict what would happen to the popcorn when it was heated and enjoyed watching it pop out all over the classroom. The language used by the children this week in their explanations has blown me away. Well done to Reception!   

Thursday 9th March


Over the past two weeks, half of the children from my class have been enjoying going to Forest School on a Wednesday and a Friday. This experience has been fantastic for the children to learn about the outdoors, observe seasons changing and most importantly to have lots of fun. The children have learnt the names of different types of trees and have spotted some of the signs of Spring. On Wednesday Mr Roberts read the story 'Room on the Broom' and the children used outdoor materials to make their very own brooms. We then came back to our Waverley camp, where we made 'Witches Potions' with things we had collected from the woods. Mr Roberts and Mr Brown made a small fire so that we could boil some water for the potions, the children observed how the fire grew and discussed the changes. The children then enjoyed mixing and stirring their potions, once we had added the hot water, with their 'potion partners'.They then explained to others what their potion was called and what magical power it would have on you.   

Friday 3rd March


Yesterday was World Book Day. The children enjoyed coming to school dressed as their favourite characters from different stories. In Reception yesterday, we had a Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, a Superman, a Spiderman, an Alice from Alice in Wonderland and an Elsa. We discussed why it is important to read and the children came up with some great reasons as to why we should read:

"So that we can get better and better."

"So we can learn."

"Its fun."

"Its nice to look at the pictures."

 We then spend the afternoon enjoying stories around the classroom.

Tuesday 28th February


Welcome back after the holidays! Today our learning has been themed around Pancake Day. We read the story Mr Wolf's Pancakes by Jan Fearnley, which had a few familiar characters, that we recognised. The children then wrote their own story about the wolf and his pancakes. In Maths, we looked at some coins and used language related to money when discussing going to the shop to buy ingredients to make our pancakes. 

Then, the fun part... this afternoon we got to try some and we each chose a topping to spread on the pancakes. 


Superhero Day!
What fantastic costumes.

Tuesday 14th February


The children have loved our Superhero topic! We have been working on writing independently in our independent learning, in Literacy and in our Phonic sessions. The children have enjoyed reading stories in our 'Bat Cave' and across the classrooms.  


In Maths we have been learning to subtract using items for support and some children have been learning to write a subtraction number sentence. 


The children have been super learners during our 'Superhero' topic, so to celebrate the children will be dressing up as Superheroes on Friday 17th February, for a day of super fun! 


Friday 3rd February 


As this week is 'National Storytelling Week', the children throughout the school have been busy listening to and learning lots of different stories. In Reception we have been listening to a different story, read by a famous person, every day on Cbeebies. I have read my favourite story 'Monkey Puzzle' by Julia Donaldson to the children and the children have being retelling this story in small groups, using props, in their independent play.   


I must say a great big thank you to Mr Garrod's Year 5/6 class for coming down into Reception to share the story they had been learning this week... The Gruffalo. The children loved hearing this story read to them by their older peers and Mr Garrod's class were fantastic at sharing this story as they had learnt it off by heart. 

"Once upon a time there was a monkey..."
Enjoying retelling the story.
Sharing a story with Y5/6
"A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark..."

Friday 3rd February 


Our new topic, that our learning will be based around until half term, is 'Superheroes'. The children are thrilled with this topic and have enjoyed exploring Superhero activities around our classrooms. We have read lots of Superhero stories already such as, 'Supertato' and 'Superworm' and have been writing some Superhero words and phrases. 

After reading 'Superworm' we made our own Superhero worms out of Playdough, then we decided what superpower it would have and measured how long it was with cubes. The mathematical language that the children were using while they were measuring their worms was fantastic. 
We rolled our 'Superworms' into shape.
We squeezed our 'Superworms' into shape.
We thought about what superpower it would have.
'It will fly."
"Mine is a Superworm girl."
"Oh its too long, I need to take one away."

Tuesday 24th January


This week we have been learning all about Chinese New Year, as this year it is due to be celebrated on the 28th January. The animal that is being celebrated this year is the 'rooster' and traditionally it is said 'it is the year of the rooster'. The children in Reception have been learning about Chinese traditions like the colour red meaning luck and the giving of lucky money envelopes. We have sampled some traditional Chinese food and made our own lanterns and dragons.  

Tuesday 24th January


Would you like to see what the children have been doing in their independent learning?

"The two yellow pieces together make 6."
Hayden enjoyed writing number sentences.
He then used the large Numicon to work it out.
using tools to excavate dinosaur fossils.
Putting the dinosaur fossils together.
"Ive built a flying rocket."
"My car has 1,2,3,4 wheels on it."
Fantastic independent writing.
Using Numicon to solve addition number sentences.
All cosy, enjoying a story.

Wednesday 18th January


During our Dinosaur topic, some of the children were asking questions and showing an interest in volcanoes. So today we were learning all about volcanoes. We discussed how they erupt with hot lava and volcanic ash, we talked about the shape of some volcanoes and the children were able to explain that some volcanoes look like a cone shape. We even had our own erupting volcano in the classroom.



15th January 2017


We have had a very busy start to the New Year in Reception. Our new topic for the first half of this term is Dinosaurs and the children have enjoyed reading a collection of stories by Ian Whybrow called 'Harry and His Bucketful of Dinosaurs'. We have been busy painting dinosaur pictures, making our own dinosaur fossils and excavating bones. The children have enjoyed learning lots of dinosaur facts and have particularly enjoyed reading Non-fiction texts about dinosaurs in our reading corner.  

"I know these numbers now."
Fantastic independent writing!
"Look what we made... we've used 8 cubes."
Adding using counting dinosaurs.
Adding using counting dinosaurs.

The Outdoor Environment


The children have also been very busy in our outdoor environment. On Tuesday the children decided they wanted to play 'Hide the Numbers', they each took it in turns to hide all of the numbers around our yard and then find them. We also had lots of fun in the snow on Friday. 

Wednesday 20th December


What a fantastic day we have had in Reception! Today was our party day and all the children looked fabulous in their party clothes. We enjoyed lots of dancing, singing and party games in the Gym and then it was time to eat our party food. We then had a special visitor that came to surprise us... it was Santa Claus.  


Thank you for all of your support this term and I hope you have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. 


Miss Anderson 

"I've made a card for Santa."
It's party day!
Do you like our dancing?

Friday 16th December

Today we also a visit from Father Alan, who came to talk to us about the Christmas Nativity story. The children enjoyed listening to the story, joining in and asking Father Alan some fantastic questions about the Nativity story.

Friday 16th December


What a very mischievous elf we have staying with us at Waverley, the Christmas elf is going to be staying with us until the 22nd December. The children noticed this morning that the elf had been writing words on our bananas! The boys and girls decided to read the words before they peeled their bananas and are now going to keep a close eye on the Christmas elf.

Oh no!
"F-r-o-g... frog."
"w-e-t...wet, it says wet."
"Oh this one says hat."

Wednesday 14th December


Christmas is upon us in Reception! The children enjoyed decorating our VERY festive Christmas tree, while singing along to some Christmas songs. We have Santa's workshop in our classroom and the children have been like little elves wrapping, weighing, and fixing different Christmas presents. The children have also enjoyed writing out gift tags and Christmas cards for each other.

Wednesday 7th December


What a fantastic day we've had today! We were overwhelmed by the support of all of the parents, carers and grandparents and we hope you've had as much fun as we have. The children left tonight with bags full of Christmas crafts.  We made decorations, angels, bookmarks, reindeer dust, Christmas crackers, stained glass windows, Christmas trees, Christmas cards and much, much more! See below for a selection of photos from our special day.

Thursday 1st December 


Yesterday afternoon we were discussing the question... 

What makes a good friend? 


We read the story 'This is Our House' and discussed how the little boy in the story was being mean to his friends by not letting them play and not sharing. The children all came up with lots of great ideas as to what makes a great friend. 

Discussing and drawing a picture about friendship.
Drawing pictures together and talking about Frozen
"Shall I cut this in half so we can share it."

Tuesday 29th November


Yesterday, the children each made their own Gingerbread Man in class after reading the story together. The children discussed the process of mixing, rolling, cutting and cooking the dough. The children explored new vocabulary while using tools safely to shape their dough into the perfect Gingerbread Man.

Then in our Literacy work, the children discussed how we had made our Gingerbread Man and wrote about it. 

Tuesday 22nd November


Over the past two weeks in Reception, our topic has been Traditional Tales. We have read 'The Three Little Pigs', 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and 'The Gingerbread Man'. The children have enjoyed reading the stories themselves in the story corner, reading to others and acting out the stories in their play. On Monday the children made character masks and sticky pictures of the houses from the story 'The Three Little Pigs' and took it in turns to act out the narrative, quoting lines from the story... "I'll huff and i'll puff and i'll blow your house down."

Making character masks.
Sticking straw onto the '1st house'.
Sticking sticks onto the '2nd house'.
Drawing bricks onto the '3rd house'.
"Little pig, little pig, let me in."
"Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin."

Read, Write, Inc Phonics

We have now taught Set 1 of the Phonic sounds. We are now consolidating these sounds, with some Phonic groups focusing on recognition of sounds and formations, while other groups will be focusing on segmenting and blending the sounds to read.  The children have enjoyed exploring words and sounds in the classroom, taking it in turns to be the teacher and use the flash cards to test each other.   

In the outdoor area, some children were working together as a team to build a 'castle'. They listened to each others ideas and took these into account while organising their activity. They were very proud of their creation and enjoyed working together, they even celebrated together as a team by all putting their hands together and letting out a cheer.
"Team... yeah!"

Tuesday 8th November


This week in Reception we have introduced our new topic Aliens, Monster and Space. The children have enjoyed reading stories about aliens, monsters and all things scary, while also looking at some Non-fiction space books. In maths we have been ordering numbers to 10 and 20, counting cubes to find the total of two groups and practising forming numbers correctly.



In Phonics this week we are learning:


Monday - th

Tuesday - z

Wednesday - ch

Thursday -

Friday - blending and segmenting

Halloween fun!
Acting out the story 'Room on the Broom'.
Practising number formations.
Enjoying a Non-fiction book.
Fantastic counting!
Jumping on numbers 1-20.

Friday 21st October

This week we have been learning all about the Autumn season and Harvest. We have been on a Autumn walk around school, collecting items for sticky pictures and discussing the signs of Autumn. We read the story of 'The Little Red Hen' and during our Literacy work we have been using our Phonic knowledge to write 'red' and 'hen'. Thank you to everyone who brought conkers into school, we have been using them in our Maths problem solving work. We had the fantastic Harvest Festival on Wednesday and all of the children sang wonderfully!



On our Autumn walk.
"Look at this one, its a different shape."
Making bread, just like the 'Little Red Hen'.
Making a house for the 'Little Red Hen'.
"All around the orange."

The children have also had a fantastic day dressing up in their Halloween costumes... very scary!

Friday 14th October


What a fantastic time we have had during Maths week! Thank you to all parents for your support throughout the week and a big thank you to all of the children for being so enthusiastic about Maths.


Today we have had a whole school penny trail, that travelled along all of the corridors in school and ended in the gym. The children enjoyed joining their 1p and 2p coins, that they had collected from home, on the penny trail. 

The children in Reception have had a very busy day. Maths games were brought in from home to share with friends, the children enjoyed explaining the rules of their game to others and used their counting skills to play each game. We also had a visit from Mrs Sample's Y5/6 class who had made some excellent counting stories in their English work. The children from Y5/6 read their stories to our Reception children this afternoon, challenging the children to point out different numbers in their stories.  




Counting their pennies.
Watch you don't step on the pennies!
'Pop it Pig' was a big hit.

Tuesday 11th October


This week is Maths week at Waverley, with a particular focus on money. The children have loved exploring real money in the classroom, paying for items in our classroom 'shop' and using money to pay for their car to be washed at our outdoor car wash.

This week, we have focused our Literacy and Maths work on the story 'The Great Pet Sale' and the children enjoyed having their own pet sale in the classroom, taking it in turns to be the 'shop keeper' and customers, buying different pets. The language the children were using during this role-play activity was fantastic, linking to the Early Years Development Matters Outcome - 40-60 Months - Beginning to use everyday language related to money.  



Nursery and Reception will be having a cake sale after school on Wednesday, the children will be working hard on Wednesday to make cupcakes, flapjack, chocolate marshmallows and biscuits for the sale.   

"Can I buy the panda please?" "Yes, its 10p."
"He was 4p."
Money work with Mrs McKillop
Paying for their car to be washed.
We made money boxes and enjoyed shaking them.
"Listen, you can hear the pennies."

In our Phonic sessions this week, we are learning the sounds u,b,e,f. The children will be learning to blend and segment simple words using the sounds they have learnt so far, eg... can, tip, get, dog, sit and pat.  


Wednesday 5th October


This week we are learning the sounds g,o,c,k. The children have been busy growing grass, making orange pictures and decorating cup cakes.

Monday - g

Tuesday- o

Wednesday- c

Thursday- k

Friday- consolidation of g,o,c,k



We have been practising blending sounds.
"t-a-p its tap Miss Anderson."
Wow! Fantastic formations.
Practising our letter formations.

We have also had 'Waverley Hospital' pop up in our classroom. The children have enjoyed taking it in turns to be a doctor, nurse or a patient.There has been lots of broken arms and legs, but thankfully everybody is feeling much better now.



Monday 26th September


Last week we started our Read, Write, Inc Phonics programme. The children started off learning the sounds m a s and d and then consolidated their learning in our Friday Phonics session. The children have been learning the letter sounds and rhymes to support their letter formations.
Masie, mountain mountain.
All around the apple and down the leaf.
The order in which the sounds are taught.

Look how busy we have been in Reception...

m,m,m marble rolling.
The children practised writing letters in sand.
Fantastic mark making!
We enjoyed painting d,d,d, dinosaurs.
We carefully select materials for our work.
"Ive made a daisy and it begins with the d sound."

9th September 2016


Welcome back! Keep updated on your child's learning throughout the year on this page. There will be posts about special events, topics and what letters and numbers your child will be learning each week.

Thank you,
Miss Anderson







Reception 2015-2016


Fabulous Writing in Reception

Last week in Reception, our challenge of the week was to complete some independent writing in the classroom. The children enjoyed completing the challenge and achieving what they had set out to do.


Once the children had completed the challenge, they then got themselves a sticker.


Well done Reception!

13th May 2016 

The sun was out this week at Waverley, so we had lots of fun learning outside. We had our first outdoor P.E lesson on Thursday, where we practised our jumping skills and how to land safely. 


We enjoyed a game of 'River bank' where the children were able to practise their jumping skills.

21st March 2016

Spring has sprung and we're having lots of Easter fun in Reception. Today we have been on an Easter egg hunt around the classroom and we have been making Easter bonnets. There were lots of lovely eggs brought into school for our Easter egg competition, a very big well done to everybody that made one.

Please can children have their P.E kits in school on a Wednesday, as Mrs Marshall will be coming in to work with the children in their P.E lessons.
Paige completed this week's colouring challenge
Do you like our Easter hats?
24th February 2016 

This term we will be learning all about Jungles and Rainforests. Today we welcomed Technology Tom into Reception, we made tree houses and discussed what materials we would use to make the roof, walls and ladders. The children had great fun using their own ideas to make very different and unique tree houses. 

In our literacy lessons we will be looking at stories such as Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson, Rumble in the Jungle by Giles Andreae and The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr. 
Children in group 2 for Forest School will also continue their sessions this Friday (26.2.16) they will need warm, waterproof clothes and their uniform to change into after the session. 

Monday 25th January

Last week was full of dinosaur facts and crafts. In class we made dinosaur biscuits, explored some fossils and we made some dinosaur maps. The children enjoyed learning lots of new words and vocabulary.

We have introduced a weekly challenge into Reception and the children have enjoyed completing the first challenge of...'Can you paint some numbers?'
Wednesday 16th December 

Today was our Polar Express day in Reception, everyone came into school in their pyjamas, slippers and dressing gowns and we boarded The Polar Express. The Children enjoyed watching the film, drinking hot chocolate and we even had a special visitor... 

Week beginning December 7th

Thank you so much for coming to watch our Sleepy Shepherd Nativity. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it is lovely for us to showcase how much your children have grown in confidence even in the few weeks since our Harvest Festival. Xavi's dad has sent some lovely photos that he took during our performance so please have a look below.

Current Achievement Headlines

We have been working very hard on the Phase 3 sounds ch, sh, th and ng - hearing and writing them within words and sentences.

Wednesday 2nd December 

Christmas has arrived in Reception! Today we had our 'Christmas Crafts Morning' where parents and family members were invited into Reception to take part in some Christmas activities with the children.
A huge thank you to everyone that came this morning for your hard work to ensure all children had a very enjoyable day!

This week we are reading the story 'Father Christmas Needs a Wee', along with other Christmas stories and we will be writing some letters to Santa. 

Friday 6th November 

The children all had lots of fun today on our school trip to Scotswood Community Nature Garden. We made small Hedgehogs out of clay and other things we could find in the woods, such as twigs, leaves and berries. We also read the story of the Stick Man by Julia Donaldson and found some sticks to make flags and paint brushes.
What a wonderful day!



Thursday 22nd October

What a fantastic way to end the half term. The children all looked fantastic in their Halloween costumes.

I hope you all enjoy the holidays!

Wednesday 21st October

In class we have now introduced the children to the sounds:

s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r h b f

We have been learning these in our Phonic sessions, during activities and through play. The children have made fantastic progress in their Phonics work.

After the holidays our topic will be Monsters and Aliens, here are some of the books we will be looking at...
Wednesday 30th September

Today we welcomed two nurses into Reception, who came to talk to us about keeping ourselves clean and how to look after our teeth. The children were fantastic at answering questions about why we should wash our hands and brush our teeth regularly.
Monday 21st September
It may have been cold and wet outside but the children in Reception have had a lovely day learning new things, making relationships and exploring our classrooms.

Today we have been collecting some Autumn leaves, learning our Phonic sounds and enjoying different stories.
Monday 7th September

We have had a wonderful first day in Reception.

Here are some of the children exploring the classroom.
I can't wait for Monday to see everyone in our new Reception classes. Look out for regular website updates from our class.
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