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Reading Curriculum In Action

The author Faye Hanson recently.  We have had a number of well known children's authors in school over the last few years. She visited our classes across the age ranges and read 'The Wonder' to us. We then had a brilliant 'draw a long' session. Faye answered almost all of our questions about story writing, she explained that her illustrations can take a very long time! She also gave us a sneak peak at her new book which is due to be published next year. Some children bought a book and Faye signed it for them.
A brilliant day!

Picture 1
Picture 2 'The Wonder'
Picture 3 Look at the detail in Faye's illustrations
Picture 4 Faye has illustrated books for Michael Morpurgo
Picture 5 We loved the draw a long!
Picture 6 Mr Roberts had a go at doodling.
Picture 7 We all followed her ideas.
Picture 8 This illustration isn't in the book, we loved it!
Picture 9 Just look at the detail. Amazing!

Dahlicious Day


We had a wonderful Dahlicious Day to celebrate one of our favourite authors. Let's see who was present. There were many Wonkas.

Picture 1 There were many Wonkas.
Picture 2 Oooompah loompahs everywhere.
Picture 3 Some were hard at work!
Picture 4 Oh and Ms Salt was in school.
Picture 5 Grandapa Joe got out of his bed.
Picture 6 What a Twit!
Picture 7 Witches working on potions.
Picture 8 Oompah Loompah oompity doo...
Picture 9 The Fantastic Mr Fox.
Picture 10 Matilda and more dream potions.
Picture 11 Are the teachers Witches?
Picture 12 More potions from Matilda.
Picture 13 Miss Honey is so nice.
Picture 14 A Mr Fox in year 5/6.
Picture 15 The Golden Ticket.
Picture 16 Mr Twit.
Picture 17 More Witches.
Picture 18 More Witches.
Picture 19 Charlie's Grandma.
Picture 20 Not another ooompah loompah.
Picture 21 Another big Twit.
Picture 22 Matilda!
Picture 23 What is in his beard?
Picture 24 Grandma.
Picture 25
Picture 26 Mr Wonka and Esiotrot.
Picture 27 The Golden Ticket.
Picture 28 Mike Teavee.
Picture 29 Another big Twit.
Picture 30
Picture 31 George making medicine.

What a day - look at the gallery for more and class pages.


World Book Day at Waverley - Guess Who?

Picture 1 A girl who chased a rabbit?
Picture 2 A wimpy kid?
Picture 3 An insect?
Picture 4 On the good ship Hispaniola?
Picture 5 Over the bridge - trip trap, trip trap?
Picture 6 On his own island?
Picture 7 Off with his head?
Picture 8 In the dark, dark woods?
Picture 9 Waiting to see Grandma?
Picture 10 Needs a shave?
Picture 11 A snowman?
Picture 12 This lady had a favourite rabbit?
Picture 13 Casting a spell?
Picture 14 Freckles?
Picture 15 This boy is horrid?
Picture 16 A beautiful princess?
Picture 17 What big eyes you have?
Picture 18 Living at Hogwarts?
Picture 19 You're a wizard?
Picture 20 A boy in pink tights?
Picture 21 Tiger face?
Picture 22 Wizard first class?
Picture 23 A girl with a basket?
Picture 24 An man of adventure?
Picture 25 A lady in a tower?
Picture 26 Two happy girls?
Picture 27 Cool kid?
Picture 28 Dameda?
Picture 29 A pirate?
Picture 30 Porridge?
Picture 31 Strange ears?
Picture 32 Orange face?
Picture 33 Where is...?
Picture 34 Grandma?
Picture 35 Look into my eyes?
Picture 36 A familiar striped shirt?
Picture 37 A man who knows his snakes?
Picture 38 An intelligent girl?
Picture 39 Friend of Ron?
Picture 40 The pen is mightier than the sword?
Picture 41 A man with a wee dog?
Picture 42 A stitch in time?
Picture 43 I have had only six dinners?
Picture 44 Where is my mummy?
Picture 45 Where is Mr Wonka?
Picture 46 I'm late ... I'm late?
Picture 47 A mighty hammer?
Picture 48 Arrgh Jim lad?
Picture 49 Fancy a bite?
Picture 50 A hobbit?
Picture 51 A lost boy?
Picture 52 A skeleton detective?
Picture 53 A girl on a mission?
Picture 54 Where is Ron?
Picture 55 From darkest Peru?
Picture 56 Howdy?
Picture 57 The mighty warrior?
Picture 58 I will huff and puff?
Picture 59 On skates?
Picture 60 A Golden Ticket winner?
Picture 61 Ohh Grandma?

It was a sad day for the children of Waverley who were sent away to Beamish to keep them safe from the Luftwaffe raids on Newcastle.


Some of the children were sick on the journey - they had never left home before. Each child carried a gas mask, a teddy, their lunch, an ID card and a name tag.


They travelled by bus to the farm where they would spend the war.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3 Some were excited but others looked worried.
Picture 4 Home Farm would be their destination.
Picture 5 It was smelly and different to life in Lemington.
Picture 6

We had to make sure all of the lights were dimmed as we prepared for our first night away from home as evacuees.


Look at the difference between the lights - would a bomber see the light?

Picture 1
Picture 2 Windows were taped up in case they were shattered
Picture 3 Food was plentiful but they had to work for it
Picture 4 They were prepared to dig for victory.
Picture 5 We made our beds with hay
Picture 6 We wrote letters home
Picture 7 The Air Raid Precautions man
Look at the rest of our day below in the gallery.

Puffing Billy Week


Mr William Hedley came into school to show his new invention to the local miners. He could not believe that the people of Wylam still wanted to use their ponies.

Picture 1 He showed them the rods, cogs, pistons and pumps.
Picture 2 but he would never ride on the Iron Dragon!
Picture 3 He showed us how heavy a sack of coal was
Picture 4 Mr Hedley shows how Billy could travel 9mph
Picture 5 His apprentice even gave us a detailed explanation
Picture 6
Picture 7

But some children had obviously been caught playing on the coal heaps!


They were made an example of and the ponies were sent back to the fields.

A Letter of Ransom

We are keen to see author David Walliams visit our school in his helicopter. The only way we think we could get him to Waverley is by taking one of his book characters and holding them to ransom. We have decided that Awful Auntie will be taken hostage! Have a look at our ransom demands below.



Dear Mr Walliams,


Some enterprising pupils captured Awful Auntie and were planning to hold her to ransom in order to meet you.


However, she is being rather awful. Please could you come and take her away?


Her owl is causing trouble; she cheats at tiddlywinks, is far too competitive, displays an aggressive desire to conquer everyone else, insists on Wagner during assembly and has upset all of our Early Years children. Indeed, she told them some awful tales. Mr Walliams, Hansel and Gretel do not get cooked, Goldilocks was not gobbled up and The Little Mermaid did not drown! We now have distraught Nursery and Reception children, not to mention traumatised staff.


In addition to these unacceptable behaviours, Alberta got carried away during a Year Three and Four history lesson where she attempted the mummification of a child and has locked up several teachers.


Alberta eats all of the deserts at dinner then belches for the entire afternoon (and they smell). She attempted to turn our library into an Owleum and was only stopped in her dastardly endeavours by some cool headed librarians who battled bravely for the good of the school, most survived.


Several teachers have gone missing since her arrival and we keep getting phone calls from a man named Raj.


Please, please, please could you come and carry her off? Before the next Ofsted inspection would be much appreciated.


Oh, and if you don’t then this IS a ransom letter if that works to get you here.


Thank you,


From the pupils, staff, parents, governors, neighbours and random lost people who wander by of Waverley Primary School,

Maple Close

Dumpling Hall


Newcastle upon Tyne



The World


The Universe


P.S. We have grass.



Picture 1 Keep looking out for details of our devious plan.
Picture 2

Author Visit

Author Lucy Coates was in school today telling us tall tales of the sea.

Picture 1
Picture 2 She had an interesting visitor with her.
Picture 3 We read about Captain Beastlie's Pirate Party.
Picture 4 We listened to the story.
Picture 5 Arghhhh... Where are those shipmates?
Picture 6
Look out for some great writing from Captain Beastlie.

Tales of London

Our KS1 pupils are reading lots of books about our capital city.


We started making a famous bear who lives in London.

Picture 1
Picture 2 He has paws like this.
Picture 3
Picture 4 Look at his hat. It's Paddington.

Traction Man

Mrs Miller will be our new Literacy Coordinator - she is keen to see that our school continues to have an exciting reading curriculum. Traction Mam is the latest character that some our KS2 pupils are exploring.



This week we have read about his adventures - he has been keeping our school kitchen safe by diving into the dirty dish water and unblocking the sink. Mr Roberts and his class looked at all of the places around the kitchen where Traction Man could help. They came up with some wonderful vocabulary.



'Traction will save the poor innocent peas from the evil, black-hearted freezer.'



'Traction man will save the cookies from the violent oven.'



'Traction Man will save the dough from the evil mixer.'



Keep a look out for the further adventures of Traction Man in year 3/4.

Time Train to the Blitz



Mrs Gorsky has some great writers who want to learn from the best authors - they have all written to Sophie McKenzie and read her 'Time Train to the Blitz' book. Look what she wrote to our pupils:

Dear Ms Gorsky,

Thank you so much for your letter and the enclosed stories and letters from your class. I really enjoyed reading the stories by Owen and Jessie - they have great imaginations! It was lovely to receive such enthusiastic responses to Time Train to the Bliitz from so many other pupils too. I wish I had time to reply to each child individually but as I am very busy writing my next book I thought I would just answer two of the most popular questions...
Will there be more books?
I'm afraid there probably won't be any more stories about Joe and Scarlett as I spend most of my time writing slightly older fiction for 11-14 year olds and don't have any plans to go back to the Time Train series in the foreseeable future.
Did you have anyone in your family in WW2?
Yes! Both my parents were children during the war, though my mum was only a tiny baby when it started. I grew up hearing my grandmother and her sisters talk about life in London during the Blitz and, ever since, I wanted to write a story about that place and time.
Thanks again for taking the trouble to write and pass on all the wonderful letters from your 7-9 year olds. Writing books is a very solitary profession and its brilliant - and very encouraging - to hear back from so many creative and articulate young readers.
Best wishes
Sophie McKenzie


Poetry 'Jump Up'


Mrs Gorsky's class demonstrated their learning this week with a class assembly for parents.

They had completed several weeks of work on poems by Alfred Lord Tennyson and Willaim Blake. They showed the audience how to order the poems.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3 They had actions to go with poems.
Picture 4 They wrote class poems using clever techniques
Picture 5 Look at the brilliant vocabulary here.
Picture 6 The class can recite these poems.
Picture 7 This poem is about an eagle.
Picture 8 The sea snake is also included here.
Picture 9 We used film clips to see how the creatures moved
Picture 10 The class enjoyed selecting powerful vocabulary.
Picture 11
Have a look at the podcast page for our assembly.

Reading Hero Day


We have had a great Book Week. Today we came dressed as book heroes and characters. We also raised £269 for Children in Need - well done Waverley! Other good news was that our attendance was the best ever this week with every class above 95%. Great effort everyone.

Picture 1 There were oompahloompahs in school.
Picture 2 Cruella Deville...
Picture 3 Harry Potter...
Picture 4 Traction Man was ready for action...
Picture 5 Granny waited for Red Riding Hood.
Picture 6 Lots of comic book heroes...
Picture 7 Even Horrid Henry!
Oh and a pupil called Wally was lost. Can you find him? Where's Wally?

Can you find where Wally is in these photos?
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Mrs Gorsky's reading group have started to post their reviews on the Kate Greenaway shortlist. They are looking for the best picture book for children. Have a look at what they recommend so far. Other year groups will look at the books and what they think of the reviews.  Follow this link:  and see what you think.

Writing Assembly

Ms Gorsky held a Writing Assembly to celebrate some of the wonderful writing we have seen in school lately.

Picture 1
Picture 2 The pupils read to the whole school.
Picture 3 Some of the work was very long.
Picture 4 Some was written as poetry.
Picture 5 The standard was very high.
Picture 6
Picture 7 Words had to be organised around pictures & charts
Picture 8 Sometimes a famous character was involved.
Picture 9 Speech bubbles are very important.
Picture 10
Picture 11 We all like writing postcards.
Picture 12 Well done to the children.
Picture 13 The Achievers.
Picture 14 Here is a great example.
Picture 15 Look at this.
Picture 16 What about this?
Picture 17 Waverley cercainly has some wonderful writers.

Story Lab

Over thirty of our pupils took part in the 'Story Lab Reading Challenge'. Pupils had to spend their holidays reading books and completing library activities. Well done to our pupils.

Picture 1
Picture 2 Holiday Reading Champions
Picture 3 Holiday Reading Champions
Reading is a very important part of our curriculum at Waverley. All children have the opportunity to apply reading skills in all subjects across the curriculum. Everything to do with reading at Waverley you will find on this page!

Hooks into Books

All our children are learning a lot of their reading and writing through great books by quality children's writers.

'Time Train to the Blitz' Exhibition at Newcastle City Library

Some children in Ms Gorsky's class represented Waverley at a local library event to tell everyone about a book they have read called 'Time Train to the Blitz'. See the children in action in the photos below.

Book Week

More information coming soon about this years book week! Keep checking back!

See photos below of our book week last year!
Picture 1 Writing Assembly
Picture 2 Writing Assembly
Picture 3 Writing Assembly
Picture 4 Writing Assembly
Picture 5 Writing Assembly
Picture 6 Writing Assembly
Picture 7 Writing Assembly
Picture 8 Writing Assembly
Picture 9 Writing Assembly
Picture 10 Writing Assembly
Picture 11 Writing Assembly
Picture 12 Writing Assembly
Picture 13 Writing Assembly
Picture 14 Writing Assembly
Picture 15 Writing Assembly
Picture 16 Writing Assembly
Picture 17 Writing Assembly
Picture 18 Writing Assembly
Picture 19 Writing Assembly
Picture 20 Writing Assembly
Picture 21 Writing Assembly
Picture 22 Writing Assembly
Picture 23 Writing Assembly
Picture 24 Writing Assembly
Picture 25 Writing Assembly
Picture 26 Writing Assembly
Picture 27 Writing Assembly
Picture 28 Writing Assembly
Picture 29 Writing Assembly
Picture 30 Writing Assembly
Picture 31 Writing Assembly
Picture 32 Writing Assembly
Picture 33 Writing Assembly
Picture 34 Story Lab - Reading Challenge
Picture 35 Story Lab - Reading Challenge
Picture 36 Story Lab - Reading Challenge
Picture 37 Story Lab - Reading Challenge
Picture 38 Story Lab - Reading Challenge
Picture 39 Story Lab - Reading Challenge
Picture 40 Story Lab - Reading Challenge
Picture 41 Story Lab - Reading Challenge
Picture 42 Story Lab - Reading Challenge
Picture 43 Story Lab - Reading Challenge
Picture 44 Story Lab - Reading Challenge
Picture 45 Story Lab - Reading Challenge
Picture 46 Story Lab - Reading Challenge
Picture 47 Story Lab - Reading Challenge
Picture 48 Story Lab - Reading Challenge
Picture 49 Newcastle Reading Conference
Picture 50 Newcastle Reading Conference
Picture 51 Newcastle Reading Conference
Picture 52 Newcastle Reading Conference
Picture 53 Newcastle Reading Conference
Picture 54 Newcastle Reading Conference
Picture 55 Newcastle Reading Conference
Picture 56 Newcastle Reading Conference
Picture 57 Newcastle Reading Conference
Picture 58 Newcastle Reading Conference
Picture 59 Newcastle Reading Conference
Picture 60 Newcastle Reading Conference
Picture 61 Hooks into Books
Picture 62 Hooks into Books
Picture 63 Hooks into Books
Picture 64 Hooks into Books
Picture 65 Hooks into Books
Picture 66 Hooks into Books
Picture 67 Hooks into Books
Picture 68 Hooks into Books
Picture 69 LIFT OFF
Picture 70
Picture 71

Inheritance by Christopher Paolini

His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman