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Year 6 return

Year 6 pupils will return to Waverley on Monday 15th June. Following a survey earlier in the month on how parents were feeling in general about a return and adhering to Government guidance Mrs Sample has personally rang and spoken with all year 6 parents and shared our plans on a safe return for staff and children in this year group. Many schools in Newcastle have begun with Year 6 first, with most starting between the 8th and 15th, as we shall also do. As the end of their primary years it felt both right and important for the year 6 time to be finished in the best way currently possible. Once safely established and with the spike in demand for keyworker places stabilised we will consider the admittance to school of a further 'bubble' group of children and we will contact the parents concerned in due course.


Many of you will be hearing the term 'bubble' spoken in relation to schools. A bubble is a maximum group of 15 children from a class who are given their own staff, room and timetable. The children stay in this bubble group for the full day including break and lunchtimes. Children have their own desk, I-pad, headphones and equipment. School remains open for keyworker children and any enquiries for a place should be made via admin.