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As we begin week 2 of school closure, a reminder that school is here to support the Waverley community as much as possible. Our switch to the Remote Learning platform appears to be working well. Teaching staff will be making pastoral calls on a fortnightly rotation starting this week. Please use this opportunity as a catch-up and check in and to answer any questions you may have. However, don't wait for the call, get in touch if you need us. On last weeks bulletin we sent out all staff email addresses. Remember school can issue foodbank vouchers but parents can also turn up to Lemington Methodist distribution on a Tuesday through the day and a Thursday evening. We hope to be able to allocate breakfast packs soon to our families at home.

Last Monday we met the threshold to receive free laptops/I-pads, we await these to be back in stock for us to order and are checking every hour. As soon as they arrive to us we will get them distributed correctly.

We have all felt really emotional seeing the children learning at home. Stay safe.