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Thank you

Huge well done to Sophia who raised over £2000 on her sponsored bounce. A huge thank you to local residents including our very own Thomas Salmon for the keyworker goody parcel of tea, coffee and biscuits for the staff working at Waverley. I am sure staff at Lemington and the care homes were equally pleased and excited.

Thank you for the pictures of the children who have been working so hard at home, it has really kept us all in good spirits seeing the work, baking, sport and fun the children have been having. We know it has been so hard for you all and we can't wait to see you all and be together again. If you don't live in Lemington or Dumpling Hall then you won't have seen the rainbow bunting that is strung across many of the streets. We have joined in down at school and our rainbow bunting is blowing in the breeze next to the yard. For those of us at school we have been working and playing and trying to improve the school garden!

Stay safe. Enjoy the sunshine when you can. See you soon (hopefully).