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Staff request

14.30pm Sunday 3rd January 20201

Whilst staff will be going against their Union and returning to work on Monday this situation remains very fluid. Staff in their letter to myself and the Chair this afternoon have requested the following further safety measures are in place. That ALL parents (with the exception of those with known exemption) wear a face mask on school site (playground). You may be politely asked to leave school site if not wearing a mask. It would be very sad for all of us if we feel we are put in a position where we have to approach and ask this of parents. Finally if your child presents with any illness they are not sent to school and those with symptoms have a Covid test. As Head it is my belief that these requests are not unreasonable and so in order to keep school open to all I ask that these are respected and adhered to regardless of personal beliefs. I cannot emphasise enough how precarious schools position on being open currently is. Thank you.