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I can confirm that despite the recommendation by some Unions for staff not to return to work and to exercise Section 44, so that school is only open to keyworkers and vulnerable children, that all Waverley staff will be at work from Monday 4th January. School will re-open as normal to ALL children. This has been a tense 48 hours and has not been a decision that the staff have taken easily. Many colleagues and schools are following the scientific data and no comparison should be made to the decision at Waverley to other schools. Staff at Waverley are satisfied with the measures that have been consistently in place since May with regard to their safety, the safety of their own families and that of pupils and their families in the Waverley community. None of us know the impact of the new strain and the opening of school will be under constant review. We thank you for your support in this matter and I reiterate on behalf of the staff the Hands, Face and Space motto. Being obsessive in these measures may keep Waverley open to all for longer. Anyone who does not attend school will be expected to work from and place work onto our remote learning SeeSaw platform.