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Return to school summary

I am sure many of you are now thinking about the return to school for your child next Monday 7th September. We can't wait to see you all again.


I wish to reassure you that we have many measures in place to keep everyone safe. On our letter to parents page there is a document called the re-opening of Waverley Primary School and this shares information about the school day from start to end. A brief synopsis is as follows:

Adults to wear protective masks whilst on the yard (unless an underlying condition which prevents this), we ask where possible that one adult brings the pupil/ pupils to school. We ask that older siblings are lined up first before you drop youngest siblings off. Year 5 and 6 will be collected by staff from the bottom yard, year 3 and 4 from the side area next to the trim trail, year 1 and 2 on the main upper yard and Reception from inside the enclosed Early Years yard. Nursery parents await entry by the Nursery entrance. At the end of the school day please collect children from the same areas (year 5 and 6 bottom yard), we ask that you collect youngest siblings first and oldest children last (if you have more than 1 child). There will be no clubs after school for the first half term whilst we settle into and embed the new 'norm'. 


If you are late dropping off in the morning I am afraid you will have to wait and queue to sign your child in at the office system. If you are late to collect in the evening the children will await collection in the conference room (this is the room next to the Nursery entrance).


School finishes at 2.30pm on a Friday and for working parents children will await collection from the homework club which will be based in the Gym, please pass the main office/entrance and head through the large green gate ahead of you (this will be signposted on Friday).


Year groups will be on separate yards at break and lunch times and there will be staggered break and lunch times.

Hand sanitiser is in every classroom, the gym, dining hall (with a 1 way entrance and exit) and main entrances. Screen wipes and sanitiser wipes and gel are available in the computer suite.


Children from Year 1 to Year 6 are being given their own pencil case with their own equipment in it. This must stay at school and is to be used in school daily. Please send your child with a bottle of water or water bottle each day as we will be unable to provide drinks from beakers at the classroom sinks. Children get very thirsty running around at breaks and in PE.


I shall be sending a newsletter update in week 1 but we will be advising that children come to school on their PE day wearing sports clothing e.g. jogging bottom, leggings, with the Waverley PE T. shirt and a warm top (e.g. school jumper, a tracksuit top, fleece, hooded top). A pair of shorts can be placed in the school bag that day in case of warm weather or indoor PE session.


At this time we are unable to admit any parents into the building to use the toilet facilities. Meetings must be booked in advance and where possible these will be completed by phone or teams. Staff can be contacted by email using their full name e.g.


Much has been said in the media regarding children being behind in their learning, we will be following PIXL from Year 1 to Year 6 which highlights individual gaps and needs across the English and Maths curriculum areas. This will allow for even further specific targeting of support by the class teacher. In our first year of using PIXL with a year 6 class we saw pupils working at expected increase from 56% to 80* within 3 terms.


Please can I ask that parents search out the reading books they were given for their child in March - a huge volume of school stock was distributed and we will struggle to provide appropriate level reading books for your children if these are not returned. All books will be wiped and stored for a minimum of 72 hours before being placed back into the school reading scheme.


Breakfast and after school club ran by Cuba begins from Monday 7th September, please contact them for a place and further information.