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Nursery temporary closure

We were notified at 8.30am of a pupil in Nursery who had tested positive for Coronavirus. This morning I gave out letters informing parents of this information and we would like to thank the parents who at short notice were able to take their children home. I was sad to see how upset many of the children were. A very small number of children came into Nursery and both they and the staff were isolated off from the rest of school for the whole day. The nursery now switch to remote learning on the SeeSaw platform. We will see everyone again on Friday 26th March. We have sent further clarification out this evening on a couple of questions that have been asked. Our risk assessment is on the school Covid 19 website page of this school website, as is a quick guide on what to do under varying scenarios. We have also sent out by email a booklet on supporting your child with understanding the virus. Please get in touch with school if there are further questions.