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Northumbria Police - Scheme in Newcastle City Centre

Our basic aim is to involve all parents, so that they know what is going on with Kids in the City Centre, local parks, outside corner shops etc wherever any issues arise in real time.  We will advise the participants, ‘YOUTHS ARE CONGREGATING ON NORTHUMBERLAND STREET CAUSING DISTRESS AND DISORDER, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR CHILDREN ARE NOT INVOLVED’  or something similar. 


Parents/guardians can sign up on line by visiting the Northumbria police website, and selecting ‘NP ALERTS’ to sign up.


NP ALERTS Scheme in Newcastle City Centre


Community officers are at our engagement vehicle in Old Eldon Square Wednesday and Thursday explaining the NP Alerts Scheme


This is a new and exciting scheme set up by Northumbria Police and partners as part of our on-going commitment to tackling anti-social behaviour in Newcastle City centre.


  • The scheme will offer parents/guardians “alerts” via a text/email direct to your personal phone informing them of “disorder” within the city centre.
  • This then provides parents with the information required to ask the question of their children “where have you been tonight?”
  • To be part of this scheme and to get further information please visit and simply select NP ALERTS.