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Monday 15th July - moving up classes information for parents

On Monday the 15th the children come to school as normal and enter their normal classroom so if for example you are in Reception class with Miss Anderson then you come in at 8.55 as usual into Miss Andersons class. Once all children are in their normal (usual) classrooms and the school doors have closed we will take the class register. After registration the children will be taken to their new classroom and new teacher for the rest of the day.  Staff will be available on the yard at the end of the day to advise where new rooms and waiting points are for the collection of children. Children who are new to Reception class have received a letter informing them of what time their come and play session is so that they get the opportunity to come into Waverley, meet their new teacher and get to play in their new classroom and see some children who will be in the class with them in September.  Our new Nursery children have also received a letter inviting them to come and play and we ask that they also arrive by the main entrance for these sessions.