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Isle of Wight Day 2

The sun continues to shine and the great experiences keep coming!


In a change from the programme for today, we diverted from Osborne House (where we’ll be going tomorrow instead) and visited Blackgang Chine - and what a terrific time we’ve had!


After a magnificent drive through the countryside of the Isle of Wight, we arrived at the theme park and immediately split up to start exploring all the wonderful parts of the site (some, like The Cliffhanger, proved almost addictively exciting - that rollercoaster has played host to Year 6 at least 12 times this afternoon!)


The children really made the most of the time, and demonstrated yet again what a responsible and tight-knit group they are. From the full recreation of the American West in Cowboy Town, to the wild ups and downs of the epic water slide, it was a brilliant time.


Now for a good dinner, and a fun evening on this beautiful stretch of coastline.