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ICT update phase 1 complete and information regarding phase 2 and 3

I am pleased to inform you that Phase 1 of the ICT plan is now complete. Over the last 2 years we have invested in replacing classroom Smartboards with Interactive Televisions. Our Suite has now moved into the centre of school and we continue to update machines on a rolling programme. Our Non-fiction texts are based in this room so that pupils can use either computer or books for research.


Phase 2 has seen school invest in a class set of I-pads one set for the lower school and one set for the upper school. We have commenced work with Gateshead College with many thanks to a link from one of our parents and Year 2 and 3 enjoyed programming a robotic car. The college will be back next half term to work with Year 5 and 6. Early years have invested in a programmable caterpillar and chameleon.


Phase 3 will see a 360 tour of the school on this website and a new set of digital leaders who will run a half termly newsround (of school news) which parents will be able to watch via the school website. Children will be involved in producing, filming (via the use of Green screen) and editing this broadcast.