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Miss Clarke's class 2012-2013

Historical Fun!!!

We learned about life in Victorian Britain with Simon from Beamish Museum.

Shared reading with Nursery

Barnaby Bear has a visit from Benfield Motors!



What's Cooking Miss Clarke?

First gather all of your ingredients and utensils.

Well done year 2

Key Stage One have loved learning more about where we live this term. We started this topic by finding out more about our home city of Newcastle upon Tyne. There are so many places to visit (some we never knew existed!) and many of them don't cost a penny!!!

Q. Have you slid down the feet of the Angel of the North yet?
Q. Have you strolled alongside the river Tyne and visited the Quayside market on a Sunday?
Q. Have you walked across the Millennium Bridge and watched in amazement as it rises slowly to let boats pass through?
Q. Have you visited the Baltic Art Gallery and felt your tummy tingle as you travel up and down in the glass lift?
Q. Have you been fascinated by the enormous dinosaur skeleton and other amazing creatures at the Great North (Hancock) Museum?
Q. Have you ventured back in time, learning more about Newcastle through the ages, at the Discovery museum?
Q. Have you spotted the many amazing statues as you walk the streets of Newcastle?

This is just the start. Our home city has so many fantastic places of interest, you need never be bored again!. Get out there, and start exploring!!!

After Newcastle upon Tyne, we then learned about Great Britain's capital city, London. We recognised lots of the famous landmarks from books, photographs, TV and films. Some of us have even been lucky enough to visit.
We read a fabulous story book called 'Katie in London' by James Mayhew about a little girl who is shown the famous sights by a lion from Trafalguar Square. This inspired us to write our own magical adventures, set in London or Newcastle. They were brilliant!!!

Finally, we have been learning about famous people and events in history. We found out lots about the Great Fire of London, and Samuel Pepys, who kept a diary of the events. Can you believe he buried his cheese to protect it from the fire?!

Miss Calder and Mr Travis have been teaching us about Florence Nightingale, the lady with the lamp. We discovered how different hopitals were almost 200 years ago. The children were even lucky enough to 'meet' Florence and interview her about her job as a nurse. It was great fun and a fantastic way to learn about life in the past. Well done Miss Calder and Mr Travis!

Another successful topic has inspired so much work this term! We hope you will enjoy seeing it all when you come to our parent meetings in a few weeks. Look out for our fabulous displays in the main school corridor. I think you'll be impressed!

Hello Jolly Postman!

This term we are reading 'The Jolly Postman' by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. We are enjoying learning about different types of letters.
Josh's dad, Ian Darby is our local postman, so he came into school to talk to the class about his job. We learned all about the journey of a letter and had fun dressing up and playing different roles.
In class, we wrote our address on an envelope. Then we wrote letters to our friends and put them inside. We kept it a secret who we have written to so it is a surprise when it arrives on our doorstep.
Then we walked to the postbox to post them.
We are very excited to find out who has written to us and see what is inside the envelope!

Goodbye Sid! Hello ....

After a busy, but fun first half term, I hope we all enjoy a relaxing break. I have been extremely pleased with all of the hard work we have completed in Year 2 so far, both in and out of the classroom.

We enjoyed all of our extra visitors in class, and learned a lot more about looking after a wide variety of different pets. I was impressed by the vast knowledge the children (and parents) were able to pass on to the class, which really helped to bring our topic alive -literally!

I wonder what amazing things we will be learning about next half term? I'll keep you posted....

Year 2 tried to fox each other with some riddles .


They used their knowledge of pets to make up their own riddles. They read them to Mr Outterside and he tried to guess the subject of the riddle. Sometimes he could only guess on the very last line of the riddle!


The first line of the riddle cannot give away the answer straight away.


You have to make the reader think it could be several different types of pet.


We made a secret flap in our books to hide the answer.


I can be all different sizes...?'

Well done to Year 2 - Miss Clarke was really pleased with your efforts in writing. Well done!

Our P.E. will usually be on a Friday. Please ensure you child has shorts, a T.shirt and suitable outdoor P.E. shoes, in a named bag. This should be kept in school until the end of each half term, in case our day has to change.
Please remember that for safety reasons, jewellery should not be worn and long hair should be tied back.

Homework should be handed in on Wednesday, at the latest. Reading books will also be changed and collected on Wednesday. They will be marked and returned on Thursday.


Hooks into Books


We are beginning our Autumn term by reading books about pets and animals. We have enjoyed reading 'Six Dinner Sid' by Inga Moore and we are busy planning our own stories based on this book.

This week we have been investigating colours in Art. We are learning about Primary and Secondary colours. We had fun exploring the classroom looking for things which were the same colour.

We looked at animal paintings by the German artist Franz Marc. He was famous for painting animals, including several about horses. Using his imagination, he enjoyed changing colours. We copied his 'Blue Horse' painting, then had fun colour mixing to create our own version in a variety of colours. They looked fabulous!

We then read 'The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse' by Eric Carle. He was inspired by Franz Marc's work and created animals of all different colours.



Our recorder lessons have finally started with Miss Hauber from the Newcastle Music Service. Every Thursday afternoon we will be learning how to play different notes, trying not to make a squeaking sound!
School provides recorders, so if you have your own, keep it at home. You can practise what you have been learning and entertain your family and friends! We hope to perform in a special concert in front of an audience later on in the year.

Pets in Class


We have had fun learning more about pets this week. Digby the dog came to see us and he was very well behaved. The children asked lots of excellent questions and we found out it is a lot more difficult to take care of a dog than we first thought.

Next, Georgina the chicken popped in to say 'Hello'! Unfortunately, she didn't leave us any eggs, but we enjoyed meeting her.
I wonder who will come to visit us next week?

Finally, I have been so impressed with the homework the children have produced this week, all about pets. It will be displayed outside the classroom for you to enjoy while you wait on parents' evening.
A huge 'Thank you' to all involved.


Show and Tell


This year Show and Tell will be on a Friday, but it will be by invitation only. Please wait until your name has be chosen, before you bring something into school. This is to ensure that all children have the opportunity to share something which is special to them with the class.




Our school library has now re-opened, after 'The Great Flood of Newcastle'. Our class library day will be Thursday. Please ensure you have your book in school, so that it can be changed.

Will you choose a Fiction (story) book or a Non-Fiction (information) book?
Which do you prefer?