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Meet the Governors

Welcome to the Governing Body Section.


Our GB meets every half term to discuss key aspects of school development. Their job is to establish a strategic plan for the school and to work with the school leadership to ensure the best possible outcomes for our pupils. They need to know about everything that goes on in school and particularly if we are achieving value for money.


Their ultimate aim is to improve achievement for all pupils - supporting and challenging our school leaders in the process. Note that all our governors have signed a register of percuniary interest that indicates they have no links to businesses, agencies or otherwise that could gain favour (financial or otherwise) from the decisions of the governing body.


Angela Tinning is our Chair of Governors. If you wish to contact her please speak to the school office for contact details.  

Our Vice Chair Jenna Wilkinson, is an experienced school leader in her own right at Walbottle Campus. She works in SEND and has great experience with KS3 transition as well as policy and procedure in support of vulnerable pupils.

Mrs Leeming works alongside the GB but is also held to account for the way in which she runs the school. Mr Garrod is our staff representative on the GB.


Currently there are 12 members in our Governing Body:


  • 3 parent governors (appointed by parents):
    • Mrs J Darby (Curriculum Committee)
    • Mrs K Costigan (Staffing & Finance Committee)
    • Mrs J Ayers (Curriculum Committee)
  • 2 Foundation Trust governors (appointed by the Governing Body):  
    • Mrs E Douse (Staffing & Finance Committee)
    • Mrs A Tinning (Staffing & Finance Committee & Chair of Governors)
  • 1 Staff governor (appointed by the staff):
    • Mr T Garrod (Curriculum Committee)
  • 1 Local Authority governor (appointed by the LA):
    • Mr A Fraser (Staffing & Finance Committee)
  • 3 Co-opted governors (appointed by the Governing Body):
    • Mrs W Leeming (Headteacher)
    • Mr L Corby (Staffing & Finance Committee & Vice Chair)
    • Mrs J Wilkinson, Curriculum Committee)
  • 2 Associate Governors (appointed by the Governing Body):
    • Mrs K Sample (Curriculum Committee)
    • Mrs S Selkirk 
  •    Clerk to the Governors
    • Miss L Edgar


Governor Attendance


Governor                             Term Start            Term End        Pecuniary Interests              Attendance Meetings 

Angela Tinning                     01/09/2014           31/08/2022        None                                     2/2

Adam Fraser                        20/03/2019           19/03/2022        None                                     2/2

Joanne Ayers                       21/01/2019           20/01/2023        None                                     3/3

Karen Sample                      20/03/2019           19/01/2023        None                                     3/3

Kayleigh Costigan                 21/01/2019           20/01/2023        None                                     1/2

Tom Garrod                         20/03/2019           19/03/2023        None                                     2/3

Lee Corby                            04/01/2016           03/01/2020        None                                     2/2

Julie Darby                           03/03/2009          02/03/2012        None                                     3/3

Sharon Selkirk                      01/09/2016          31/08/2020         None                                     1/1

Wendy Leeming                    01/09/2016          -                       None                                      4/4

Jenna Wilkinson                    06/07/2016          06/07/2020        None                                      2/3

Emma Douse                        01/04/2016          31/03/2020        Peter Gallagher Joinery &

                                                                                              Member of teaching staff          2/2


Previous Governors

Dave McKillop 23/01/2019 (DOI Governor at Wylam First School)

Carol Brown 05/09/2018 (No DOI)

Don Lamb 02/11/2018 (No DOI)


We work closely as a team particularly with the Headteacher and senior staff on a wide variety of tasks which include:

  • Developing a strategic plan for the school;
  • Determining school aims, policies and priorities
  • Setting targets
  • Monitoring and evaluating the work of the school
  • Appointing staff
  • Managing the budget
  • Securing high levels of attendance and good standards of student behaviour
  • Ensuring that all children in school have access to a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Ensuring the health and safety of pupils and staff 


The minutes of our Governing Body meetings are available on request from the school office.