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Waverley Primary School is fully open to children in all year groups.



A bubble is a group of children and adults who remain together throughout the school day.


The Government now states that bubbles can now be larger than the original 15 limit.  At Waverley the bubbles are:


Bubble 1 - Nursery and Reception (Also called Early Years)

Bubble 2 - Year 1 and 2 (Also called Key Stage 1 - KS1)

Bubble 3 - Year 3 and 4 (Also called Lower Key Stage 2 - LKS2)

Bubble 4 - Year 5 and 6 (Also called Upper Key Stage 2 - UKS2)


The children are in these bubbles for break and lunch time but stay in class bubbles for all lessons.


Pick-up and drop-off times:

These remain the same 8.55 - 3.15 Monday to Thursday and 8.55 - 2.30 Friday. The children enter the building via different doors, having been met and escorted in by their teacher and await school opening in different locations across the 2 large play yards and smaller Early Years yard that we have. Full details are in the Guide to the re-opening of Waverley Primary School.


What is in place to keep your child and the staff safe? (See also Risk Assessment and Guide to re-opening of School)

The following is some of the measures that have been put in place. These are reviewed regularly and adaptations made where required, or following new information from Public Health England (PHE) and the Department for Education (DfE).

  • Your child will remain in their bubble all day.
  • We ask that 1 adult brings the child/children to school and that face masks are worn on school site.
  • We ask that oldest children are dropped off first followed by youngest children and that on collection the reverse takes place so youngest children are collected first followed by oldest.
  • We ask that EVERY EFFORT is made to maintain a 1 metre (plus) social distance from each other on the yard - regardless of being in your own 'family' bubble with relatives attending the school. And that parents leave the school site as soon as possible and do not linger.
  • Children will have staggered breaks and lunchtimes so they are only inside or outside with their bubble.
  • Hot and cold lunches will be served in the Dining hall under a staggered sitting service.
  • All children will wash hands and/or sanitize hands on entry in and out of the building and classroom.
  • There will be no large gatherings or performances until further notice.
  • There is a one way system in the corridors - however, children are only moving around the corridor un-escorted when visiting the toilet.
  • Children from year 1 to Year 6 have their own pencil case, resources and stationary kept in their drawer at their desk - this is not for home. Children in all classes except Early Years will sit facing forwards.
  • Mobile phones will no longer be kept safe in the main office and we request that phones are not brought to school (where possible - we appreciate some Year 6 walk home and need a phone for this reason). School accepts no responsibility for loss, or damage of phones.
  • Reading books returned to school will be stored and not re-enter main stock for 5 days.
  • Common touch-points within the school will be regularly cleaned throughout the day - we have increased our cleaning schedule to include the daytime.
  • Children are to come to school wearing PE kit on their designated day (tracksuit bottoms and hooded tops will be allowed these days for outside PE).
  • PE will take place but not include contact sport.
  • I-pads and computer screens/keyboards/mcuse will be sanitised after each use.



What changes to the curriculum will there be? How will my child 'catch up'?

Many of you shared and communicated with the class teacher during lockdown. We know that some children may have missed a lot, or forgotten things. We are a PIXL school and will be using this to inform individual, group and whole class emerging needs in Maths and English. Children will receive a broad and balanced National Curriculum. SEND reviews are taking place in the first 3 weeks of Autumn First Half term and Parents Evening Telephone Consultations will take place within the Autumn Term (tbc).


Does my child have to attend school?

The Government guidance now states that all children should now return to school "to minimise as far as possible the longer-term impact of the pandemic on children's education, well-being and wider development". 


We understand that some parents and children will be anxious about returning to school, but we are all here to support you and your child in their return to school. We hope that the class newsletter from each teacher helped towards this, as well as the opportunity for those with SEND to visit before we opened more widely to see what we had put in place. We are here to help we want all of the children to come to school and want to come to school. Please contact us if you are having difficulties with this.


98% of our returned to school during the first week of term. Well Done!


Does my child need to wear uniform?

Yes, the expectation in agreement with Government guidance is that all children can wear uniform. Uniform can be purchased through; 

This mainly consists of a PE T. shirt, a jumper or cardigan (for Year 6 the jumper is V.Neck and a tie is required).

For those of you who are struggling financially or are conscious of your carbon footprint we have a small amount of donated uniform which you are welcome to have. Please leave a request for this with the office.


Are hot lunches being served? Can my child bring a packed lunch?

Yes hot lunches are being served and we are currently offering 3 choices on our menu plus a pudding of choice. Yes children can bring a packed lunch. We ask if you wish to change from dinner to packed lunch or vice versa that you email / inform the office and give 5 school days notice. Unless your child is Free School Meals or Universal Free School Meal then dinners cost £2.10 for Nursery and £2.20 for all other year groups.


Are parents allowed on the school site?

Other than for dropping off or collecting your child, you should not visit the school site. Prior appointment slots (telephone) can be made via the admin email or if necessary via the main office. We are sorry but we are unable to admit parents into the building to use the facilities. This is in line with current guidance.


What happens if my child requires first aid?

Our qualified first aiders will continue to administer first aid. PPE has been provided by the school for staff to wear (the level of which will depend on the injury and proximity required).


Are after school clubs running at present?

There will be no after-school clubs in the first half of Autumn term. We will review this on a half-termly basis in line with Government guidance. On a Friday from 2.30-3.15 school will provide a homework club for working parents, places for this should be booked via the office or informing the class teacher.


Will the school be taking place in sporting competitions and events?

All events are suspended until further notice. Swimming usually takes place in the Summer term, the pool is currently not operating and under threat of closure.


Will school trips take place?

The latest guidelines state that day trips out of school can only take place if social distancing measures are followed. We do not intend to plan any out of school visits this half term. Residentials currently will not go ahead for 2021 - these are usually booked 12 months in advance of the year group attending. It may be that other alternatives are planned depending on the pandemic.


Will my child receive a free breakfast at school?

Yes - our new Science hub is open and as part of the National Breakfast Scheme we have a toasted bagel breakfast each morning for the children. This will run until at least September 2021.


Will I still receive free school meal supermarket vouchers?

No, this scheme ended at the end of the Summer holidays. If you are Free school meals and are shielding/isolating. A voucher will be provided by school - this will be discussed with you 1:1 via phone.


Is there mental health support available for my child?

School has a counsellor via KALMER counselling who can give advice.There is a waiting list for therapy sessions. School also has materials to support those dealing with difficulties associated with Covid. Please contact Sharon Selkirk Director of Pastoral regarding concerns and support.


Will the SATS tests and phonics and times tables screenings take place next year?

Yes. Children who have recently commenced year 2 will take the phonic test in the Autumn term 2020 and re-sit in Summer 2021 if they do not pass. In Summer 2021 Year 4 will sit the times table test, Year 1 the phonic (reading test) and Year 2 and Year 6 SATs.


What happens if there is a local spike of Covid-19 cases in Newcastle?

School will be advised and follow Public Health England and Newcastle Local Authority regarding any steps that need to be taken. We will communicate this via our text and email alert systems and through the school website (Latest News/Headteacher Blog sections).