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  • At Waverley we recognise the importance of working outside as a holistic tool to enhance language, science ,geography and other areas of the curriculum.

  • To enable children to learn through discovering aspects of the natural world that cannot be replicated in the classroom, e.g. frog spawn, habitats or seed dispersal.

  • It encourages engagement listening skills, open communication and practical learning for purpose, e.g. making shelters or replicating a camouflaged animal.

  • Learning is collaborative with regular feedback from the children.

  • Learning is often reflexive and child led.

  • Although adults assess risk and inform children of potential hazards children develop and manage their own risk and develop ideas to communicate these to others

  • To inspire a sense of wonder and respect for the natural world.

What is Forest school?


Forest school is a holistic approach to learning that engages children with the outdoors enhancing engagement, communication skills, teamwork and being active.The school curriculum can be directly linked by aspects of science, geography, history as well as art and technology. 


The children should have input into the sessions choosing which areas they may want to learn about or wild materials they are able to cook with. Children can also take on challenges and games that help to instil a sense of achievement and teamwork.



Forest School Risk Assessment 2018