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Early Years - Mrs Quiles

Please look in summer 2 for new activities.

Next week is half term. 

Mrs Thompson and I hope you all have a great week and enjoy the lovely sunny weather.




Please look in summer 1 for new activities

Hello everyone.

Mrs Thompson and I hope you are all keeping well and safe.

Here are a few Easter fun activities that you could do at home.

You could make some playdough and try out the dough disco.

Here is a recipe that I use-

-Any size cup and use the same cup for all the ingredients.

-2 cups of plain flower 

-1 cup of salt

-2 cups of water (from hot tap)

-1 table spoon of oil

-1 table spoon of cream of tartar

-Spring colour food colouring

Put them all into a pan and stir together. Place on heat and stir until the mixture comes away from the side of the pan, tip it out and knead together.

Dough Disco-

Using a potato masher, press them into some different coloured paint and onto paper to make Easter Egg prints.

You could make some chocolate Easter nests. Using rice krispie, cornflakes or shredded wheat. Melt some chocolate and add the cereal. Mould them into a nest shape or into cupcake cases and let them set.

To help support your child with the number two and understanding two objects make a pair, you could try a matching game with collecting a group of matching two objects and mix them around an area and see if your child can match them together.

You can also read the story 'Going on a bear hunt' and when you go for your walk look out for teddy bears in peoples windows then put a teddy in your window for other families to spot.

If you wanted to send in any pictures of your Easter activities Mrs Thompson and I will be delighted to see them.

Stay safe 

Good morning families.

For Mrs Thompson and I who are used to spending our days caring, nurturing, hugging, playing, dancing and singing with your children, this week of social distancing has been tough! We miss 'our' children!

There are are few ideas to help you while you are in isolation at home.

Keep active as much as possible, this will help your child physically and mentally and will reduce any worries that they may have with all these new changes.

You can try-

PE with Joe Wicks online daily at 9.00am-

Debbie Doo and the bounce patrol-

Shake your sillys out-

To support your child with some mathematics you could sing songs that have numbers in such as 5 little ducks, 5 current buns and 10 green bottles. When you go out for your daily walk, count the steps, look out for door numbers for your child to recognise and count how many daffodils you can see. If you would like to do some numbers online try Numberblocks-

To support your child's fine motor skills, play games where they need to challenge their muscles in their fingers. You could try threading and make it fun using spaghetti and treading the pasta tubes, jigsaws, lego, small world toys and play dough. You could even have a try at doing our fun dough disco -

Most importantly at this uncertain time, spend time reading a story, ask them to draw a rainbow, put it up in the window and go for a rainbow walk to look out for others, hug and be their safe place. 

I will be adding some fun Easter activities soon and if you need any help at all my email is

We miss you all!

Mrs Quiles and Mrs Thompson