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Parental Support Websites:    

This is a handy guide to the social network sites, apps and games that children are using, it explains what it is.          

On this page there is a link to helping your child stay safe online. It has a help guide on setting parental controls. How to talk with your child about staying safe online and support for your child.      

CEOP is the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre. Providing advice for parents, young people and children about internet and online safety.  

A website for parents with advice on e-safety issues (e.g. cyber bullying, radicalisation, online grooming, 

sexting). Advice from pre-school apps onwards. A guide to technology and gadgets.  A great texting dictionary for parents to understand their child's text speak e.g. 'pir' - parent in room. How to set parental controls. How to report an issue. Where to go for advice.


Sleep Deprivation linked to use of technology 2017.

A powerful documentary by the Panorama team investigated the impact of screen time on sleep deprivation in children and the impact that it has on a child at school the next day. If your child has trouble getting to sleep or getting up in the morning it could be linked. Children who experienced the sleep school programme had a 57% improvement in memory and recall and a 44% increase in focus and attention.


Visit the website:


Here you will be able to watch the BBC documentary but also access information about:

  • the impact of good and poor quality sleep on mental, emotional and physical performance
  • the role of good quality sleep for good health and well-being
  • advice on how much sleep is needed for each age group
  • helpful and unhelpful bedtime routines
  • understanding sleep regulation such as sleep stages, cycles and timing
  • guided exercises to help calm a racing mind and manage anxieties