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Autumn 'B'

This week we had a visit from the poet Paul Cookson. He played the ukelele and performed lots of different poems. We loved him especially his poems about red bloomers and Mrs Harrison, So embarrassing. Jamie said he had laughed so much that his back hurt!

We have had a busy week as usual. We have started lots of new work. In Literacy we are reading Stitch Head, an exciting new book by Guy Bass, about a little boy created by a mad professor. We have invented our own monsters and written descriptions of them. In science we have begun our new topic about rocks and soils. In PE we dressed as Tudor lords and ladies and learned some Tudor dances.

We had a taste of life at the court of King Henry.


The ladies dressed in their most fashionable garments and the gentlemen were also in all their finery.


The ladies learned how to curtsy in the appropriate manner.

Have a look at this link to see how Tudor folk danced.


The class tried their own Tudor dances. The couples were taught how to show reverence - respect and honour for their dancing partner.


The ladies greatly admired their fashionable gowns.


A gentleman looked dashing with a feather set at a jaunty angle.


Jewels added an air of elegance to a lord's appearance.


A couple dancing well might be noticed by the King and gain his favour.

Have a look at our podcast soon with the final performance.