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Autumn A 2012

This week we had fun in our science lesson. We investigated tights to see which pair were the stretchiest. Look at the pictures below to see how we did it. We had to do some tricky maths to find the answer!

This week we have had Tudor Tuesday.It was great fun, we learned how to make marzipan tudor roses and nosegays from sweet smelling herbs. We made collages and a 3D model of Tudor houses. We tried Tudor soups, a thick meaty one for rich and pottage for the poor. After lunch we met a Tudor lady who taught us all sorts of things about life in Tudor times.

 We have had a busy week with lots of visitors in our class. We acted out some scenes from the book Gorilla and then used them in our writing. We experimented with materials to find which would be the best for making a carrier bag. In history we learned about poor Anne of Cleves. When Henry V111 met her, he thought she looked like a horse. We made some lift the flap portraits to show this
This term we are reading the books of Anthony Browne. This week we have had fun reading Into the Forest and The Tunnel. Some of our brilliant stories are up on our classroom wall. In History we are learning about The Tudors. We learned a rhyme about Henry V111's wives this week. It goes like this:
Divorced, beheaded and died
Divorced, beheaded, survived