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Autumn 2

 Look at this wonderful email we received from Cloud Singh at the Gurdwara. Our children make us so proud!


Dear Mrs Lynch

Hope you’re still well?


Wanted to say, again, just how lovely it was to have your children (and adults of course!) at Gurudwara today. It was great to be with the children and they were respectful, curious, warm hearted, purposeful and very very excited! They didn’t really need a ‘host’ at all, just to have the experience of being in the Gurudwara and experiencing it as ‘real’. And when gentle calmness was called for they responded, and when listening was called for they responded and when a more boisterous atmosphere was offered they were more childlike-noisy – but never too much, just children being children. How marvellous, a true joy to be with them

They were a credit to themselves. Aswell as the school of course. Thank you so much for bringing them along.

Much Love


We had an amazing day visiting the Sikh Gurdwara in Newcastle.

Anti-Bullying Week - we did some hands on activities that helped us differentiate between bullying and conflict. We have learned that falling out with someone once in a while is not bullying and can be resolved. We also learned that bullying is not OK and if we are bystanders there are also things that we can do to help the situation.

Climb aborad me heareties and join the Pirate Crew! Captain Robson has selected the finest specimens to join her on her crusade to English perfection, we go to crew and work hAAAAAAARRRRd on our spelling, writing and grammAAAAAAAARRRRR!!!

Remembering 100 Years on........