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Autumn 2

Our Christmas Party


The UKS2 Christmas Party this year was an absolute classic! Some hilarious games were played (with the children displaying a scary talent for musical statues...), and the forfeits produced some timeless performances! Great fun, everyone. Merry Christmas!


In R.E. lessons, we have been thinking about Buddhism. We have thought about the rules by which practicing Buddhists live their lives. This week, we thought about the Eightfold Path and compared it to the Ten Commandments. We created Dharma wheels to help us remember what each means. 

Four Rules Problem Solving

Well, we are officially exhaused! We have worked so hard to master calculation of whole and decimal numbers... Next - fractions!

The Mystery of Sutton Hoo

As part of our History work, we have learned about the Anglo-Saxons. Sutton Hoo was a burial ground of an important, yet unknown, King. We looked at the artefacts found and tried to decipher their use. We made a fantastic job of our drawings...

Armistice Day

Today, we we remembered those who fought for our freedoms and all those affected by conflict. Finley brought medals from his Great Grandad (WWII) and his Great, Great Grandad (WWI).

Investigating Light

As part of our Science topic, Light, we have been thinking about the way light travels through objects. We designed an experiment to test the way that materials block light. We used layers of tissue paper and measured the amount of light using the hive. Ask us what we found... It wasn't what we expected!

A Visit from L.D. Lapinski

We had a visit this week from the author of the book we have been reading, 'The Strangeworlds Travel Agency'. After an assembly, we had a workshop where we created our own mini books. 

Here we are with our finished books...