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Autumn 2

Week 7

We have continued to base our English work on The Wolves in the Walls this week. We looked at an example playscript and analysed its features before planning and writing our own scene.

Everyone had lots of fun at our Christmas party on Wednesday afternoon! We danced and played lots of different games. Some children were really good sports and had to perform a forfeit during pass the parcel! Lilly Anne was hilarious when pretending that she was being attacked by a giant wasp! 

In RE, we made notes on the Hindu festival of Kumbh Mela and we used our notes to create quiz questions for a board game. We enjoyed quizzing our friends on the sacred festival.

Week 6

Christmas came to Y4 this week: we decorated our classroom, completed our Christmas themed poems and then entered them into the KS2 writing competition.  We’re eagerly awaiting the announcement of the winners in assembly on Friday! On Thursday, we thoroughly enjoyed making our festive crafts. We’re sure that you’d agree that they’re fantastic!

Week 5

In our science lesson this week, we continued investigating how sounds are made by twanging rulers and we made string telephones. We explained how sounds are made using the particle model. We’ve really enjoyed taking part in the KS2 poetry writing competition - we hope that we’ve written a winning entry!

On Wednesday, we began constructing aqueducts. These will culminate our DT project based on Roman engineering.

Week 4

On Tuesday, we had an interesting forest school session with Miss Cowling. We played lots of different games, including a memory game and we found lots of natural items that interested us. We discussed their features and explored our outdoor learning areas.

We’ve been busy with lots of assessments this - everyone has worked really hard all week and Mrs McGettrick is proud of all our efforts. Well done Y4!

Nate was the Achiever this week for being a fantastic mathematician - he used inverse calculations to check his answers throughout the assessment papers, thoroughly impressing Mrs McGettrick!

Week 3

This week we have been investigating sounds. We sorted instruments by how they make a sound - scraping, plucking, striking. We then we observed paper held in front of a speaker and noticed that it moved! Our fingers vibrated when we made sounds too, so we concluded that sounds are made when something vibrates.

In DT this week, we investigated building bridges with arches. We found out that an arch is strong because the weight is evenly distributed.

Harley was the Achiever this week - he impressed both Mrs McGettrick AND Mrs Hibberd with his excellent book review of How to train your dragon. Well done Harley!

Week 2

On Monday, we visited fragments of Hadrian’s wall in Denton Burn. We looked at Denton turret, examining how the Romans built the wall. Some of the children hadn’t visited these parts of the wall before and were amazed to find out that it was 15 feet tall in some parts. That’s over twice as big as Mr O’Brien! 
In our DT lesson, we made a variety of different columns from paper and tested how strong they were by adding 100g weights. We found out that hexagonal and octagonal prisms were the strongest.

On Thursday, we commemorated Remembrance Day with a live lesson with the author Tom Palmer, who spoke about his most recent historical fiction book: Arctic Star.

Lilly Anne has been a super learner this week - she’s put lots of effort into her learning and has impressed both Mrs McGettrick AND Mrs McGovern with her efforts! 

Week 1

What a lovely first week back we’ve had! Everyone has returned from the half term break with a great attitude to their learning - well done Y4! Miller is our Achiever this week, as he’s trying really hard to be an independent learner.