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Autumn 2

Week beginning 13th December

This week we will be having lots of Christmas fun!

We will completing Christmas activities throughout the week. On Monday we are recording a special Christmas surprise and on Friday we have our Christmas Party. On Friday your child can wear their party clothes and snacks and a drink will be provided.

Week beginning 6th December

This week we will be continuing to look at Winter.

In our Literacy sessions we will be reading the story The Gruffalo's Child by Julia Donaldson. We will be using our super drawing skills to draw our own Gruffalo and the Big Bad Mouse!

In Maths this week we will be focusing on comparing. We will be looking at 2 groups of objects and counting to see which group has the most. We will be learning the language of more and less.

We also have Forest School on Tuesday 7th December!

Week beginning 29th November

This week we will begin our final topic of the term which is Winter Wonderland.Over the next 3 weeks we will be exploring all things Winter!

In Literacy this week we will be reading the story Jack Frost by Kazuno Kohara as well as continuing to develop our fine motor skills and pencil control.

In Maths this week we will be exploring the order-irrelevance principle which is all about understanding that the order in which we count is irrelevant, there will still be the same number of objects in a group.


We also have our Christmas Craft Day on Wednesday 1st December!

Week beginning 22nd November

This week we will be concluding our topic of Adventure in to Autumn. In Literacy we will be learning the rhyme The Dingle Dangle Scarecrow.


In Maths this week we will be learning about The Cardinal Principle and The Abstraction Principle. The Cardinal principle is understanding that the number name assigned to the final object in a group is the total number of objects in that group. The Abstraction principle is understanding that absolutely anything can be counted, including things that cannot be touched.

Week beginning 15th November

This week in Nursery we will be continuing with our topic Adventure in to Autumn. 

During our Literacy sessions we will be reading The Very Helpful Hedgehog by Rosie Wellesley. 

In our Maths lessons this week we will begin to explore the Counting Principles. We will start off by learning about the one-one principle. This involves children assigning one number name to each object that is being counted.

Week beginning 8th November

This week in Nursery we will be starting our new topic Adventure in to Autumn. We will be exploring the season of Autumn and the changes we have seen outside. We will be reading the story We're going on a Leaf Hunt by Steve Metzger.

Don't forget we have Forest School on Tuesday so wrap up warm!


In Maths this week we will be continuing to explore size, using the language small, smallest, big and biggest. We will be doing lots of practical activities to help us develop a solid understanding.


Week beginning 1st November

Welcome back everyone! I hope you have had a fun and restful half term.

We will begin this half term with a mini topic called Bonny Bonfires. During this we will be learning all about bonfire and firework safety as well as creating lots of super art work.


In Maths this week we will be exploring size. We will be learning the language big and small and using lots of different resources to help us. We will also be reading the story Big Bear, Small Mouse by Karma Wilson to help us understand the concept of size.


Don't forget we have our Halloween dress up day on Wednesday 3rd November!