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Autumn 2

Friday 11th December

A very busy December in Year 1 so far. As you can see from the pictures, we've been learning lots and having some Christmas fun too. We had a fantastic morning at Forest School where we made a new broomstick for Winnie. We talked about how to keep safe at Forest School and we toasted some marshmallows... yum! In Maths we have finished our addition and subtraction to 10 unit and after Christmas we will move onto some shape work, before a unit on Place value to 20. In English we have been reading 'The Jolly Christmas Postman' and this week we will be reading and watching 'The Snowman'.  I will continue to give out reading books and spellings for over the holidays. Thank you for your continued support. 

Miss Anderson 

Friday 20th November - Week 3 - Autumn Term 2

Lots of new things happening in Year 1 this week. On Tuesday we had a try of green screen technology in our computing lesson. The children were able to transfer themselves onto a broom and fly through the night sky just like Winnie. They all listening carefully and followed the steps to use the green screen App to create the illusion. Well done Year 1. 


Today we had Forest School, the children all enjoyed making a new broomstick for Winnie as hers was broken. They collected sticks and with a little help, we able to put them together to create their very own broomstick. They enjoyed flying through the air on them and playing musical broomsticks... just like Winnie did in the story. Then it was time to warm up by the fire and enjoy some hot chocolate. A lovely Friday morning. 


In Maths this week, the children have made fantastic progress with Number Bonds to 10. Some children are even able to say them off by heart and solve problems in their heads.    

Friday 20th November - Week 3 - Autumn Term 2

Below I have attached this weeks spellings, the children have been given a paper copy too and they are available on our Seesaw platform. Please can the children learn to read and write these spellings for a spelling test on a Friday, (they will be tested on these spellings on Fri 27.11.20).   


Friday 13th - Week 3 - Autumn Term 2

This week our story from the Winne the Witch collection was... 'Happy Birthday Winnie. Throughout the week in English the children have been writing lists for party food, making birthday cards, writing invitations and thank you letters, all to get ready for Winnie's party. Her birthday in the story was on Friday 13th, so today we had a party for Winnie. We played games, danced to music, ate party food and cake... and sang happy birthday to Winnie. 


In Maths this week, we have been learning how to add two numbers and put them into number sentences and fact family sentences.  


In History this week, we were learning about why it is important to remember the soldiers on Remembrance day on 11th Nov. We wrote some sentences, created our own poppies and thought about them during our 2 minutes silence. 


NEXT WEEK.... Year 1 have Forest School on Friday 20th November. The children will not be going off the school site. Please can the children come to school dressed OLD, WARM clothes that you don't mind getting muddy and WELLIES. Your child may bring in a spare pair of shoes for in the classroom and lunchtime. Any questions please just ask me at the door. Thanks, Miss Anderson. 

Autumn 2 - 6th Nov - Week 1

Welcome back to a new term at Waverley. The children all seemed to have had a wonderful Halloween. Following on from this we have had lots of witchy fun reading our new English collection of stories, Winnie the Witch. The children have enjoy two stories this week, Winnie's Amazing Pumpkin and Winnie's Magic Wand. In one of the stories Winnie puts her wand in the washing machine... so we put on our coats and went on the look out for a new wand for her. The children had a fab time outdoors looking for the perfect wand, we decorated it and then the children wrote some wonderful sentences about what the new wand would turn the pumpkin into. In Maths, this week we have been introducing the children to addition, using the part, part whole model to add amounts to 10 and find the whole. 


Apologies this week with Reading books... we've had such a busy day I didn't manage to change them. New books will be given out on Monday. 

Thank you, 

Miss Anderson