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Autumn 2

Week beginning December 14th


This week we have lots of Christmas fun and crafts planned and on Friday we have our Christmas Party. 

This week we began our RWI Red Ditty work. We read Ditty 1 which is Pin it on. We read Speedy Green words and Story Green words and read the Tricky Red word 'put'. We read the story together, following each word with our stick and in our writing books we wrote missing words, the sentence 'pin it on' and we practised our handwriting.

Week beginning December 7th


This week we are continuing our Christmas topic of Tinsel, Trees and Candy Canes. We will be enjoying lots of Christmas maths activities and we will be reading The Christmas Story by Dick Bruna.


Sequencing making hot chocolate!

Week beginning November 30th


This week we will be reading and watching Stick Man by Julia Donaldson.



In Maths we will continue our block on 'Time'. We will be discussing the sequence of the day, day and night, days of the week and months of the year and timings e.g. 10 seconds or 1 minute.



In phonics we will complete Speed Sounds Set 1 with ng and nk.



Week beginning November 23rd

This week we will continue our autumnal topic of Why Does a Squirrel Hide It's Nuts? We will be reading Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert, Stanley's Stick by John Hegley and Not a Stick by Antoinette Portis.



In Maths we will begin a block on Time with sequencing activities.



In phonics we will be learning the speed sounds ch, qu and x.




Week beginning November 16th


This week we begin a 2 week autumnal topic of Why does a squirrel hide it's nuts? We will be reading Squirrel’s Autumn Search by Anita Loughrey and The Squirrels Who Squabbled by Rachel Bright.


In Maths we will be investigating change within five and adding one more.


In phonics we will learn the speed sounds w, th and z.


Remembrance Day


This morning we watched the film Poppies and showed our respect by sitting silently for the full 2 minutes. The children were very respectful and many said they had family members who were soldiers or had fought in the war.


Week beginning November 9th

This week we will be reading I’m Mad About Pizza by Joshua McManus and Pizza for Pirates by Adam Guillain. With support, the children have begun writing simple sentences.




In Maths we will be continuing comparing groups by extending to groups of 10. Key vocabulary this week is compare, more, fewer and equal.


In phonics we will be revising all of the sounds learned so far and we will be focusing on j, v and y.


Week beginning November 2nd


Welcome back! I hope you all enjoyed your Half Term break. This week we begin a 2 week topic on A Pizza the Action.


We will be reading The Little Red Hen and The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza by Philemon Sturges.


In Maths we will be comparing two groups of objects by counting.


In phonics this week we will be revising all of the sounds last half term and we will be introducing sh, r and j. When we introduce 2/3 letter sounds (digraphs/trigraphs) such as 'sh' we call them special friends. These sounds include 2 or 3 letters but only make one sound.