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Autumn 2

Year 3 and 4 Christmas Party! We had such good fun, Pin the Nose of the Snowman was hilarious. We were all having such fun and were so well behaved - we MUST be on the "Nice List" for sure!

Another successful Waverley Christmas Craft Day! Thank you to all of our adults who joined in the festive fun with us - it's always a pleasure to welcome you into our school!

Look at our amazing snow globes!! We used a glycerine and water mix to create these beautiful winter scenes in a jar and had great fun doing so!

We were so lucky to welcome Chloe Hill to school today who sang like a Christmas angel and entertained us all with her Christmas cheer! Thank you Chloe!!


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Chloe Hill

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Week 3

Thanks Year 3 for inviting us to your amazing rock museum today, we learned lots and we were super impressed with your expertise.

In Geography we learned how to read a scale from a map and to estimate a distance. We then used Google Earth, maps and images to look at the similarities and differences between the landscapes, terrain and climates of France and England.

We held a House of Commons style debate to decide whether or not the wolves should stay in the walls.


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Following our debate we held a proper democratic vote. We reported to a polling station where we gave our name. It was ticked off a list and we were handed a ballot slip. We went to a private booth where we made an anonymous choice marking it with a X. After that, voting closed, votes were counted and the successful party was announced.


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Please find below a copy of our letter explaining what we need to make the snow globes.

Today in maths we played a game called "Perimeter Bump" - we had to use all we knew about finding the length of missing sides and calculating perimeter to gain control of a rectilinear shape, however, if another calculation got the same answer, our partners could "bump" us off the shape and gain our points! It was great fun AND we really embedded our understanding at the same time! We're SO clever!

You can download and print the Perimeter Bump game here so you can play it at home.

Alex from Northern Gas Networks popped in again to explain to us about an exciting competition. We had to create a villain to represent Carbon Monoxide - enemy of Safety Seymour! We thought really hard about the properties of Carbon Monoxide and how we could incorporate those into the characters we designed.

Week 2

Children in Need - we all looked great in our T-shirts. Everyone understands that today is not just about non-uniform. It is so important that we remember WHY we are doing it.

In RE we learned about the places Buddhists pilgrimage to by way of a fact-finding treasure hunt!

Science this week we made an almighty racket! We even listened to Metallica, all in the name of learning. We were able to feel and in some cases, see vibrations that create sound.

Week 1

Welcome back to our Autumn 2 term. We are so excited about what we have coming up this week. On Tuesday we have a special visitor. Gillian Bell MP is coming in to talk to us about Parliament and show us how a real debate is conducted in the Houses of Parliament. On Wednesday we have invited our special adults into school to design a T-shirt for Pudsey. We start new topics too, Sound in Science, Pilgrimage and The Road to Rome in RE and Geography, we will be building and designing aqueducts as well as perfecting our line drawing skills in Art! At the end of term of course we have that "C" time that we won't be mentioning until December with lots of singing and merriment! Keep checking in on our web page and asking us about our learning.

We are reading an amazing book called "Lob" by Linda Newbury. It has really captured our imaginations, we went hunting for him and Lob magic in our school grounds and a few of us were convinced we saw him!

Parliament Day. We were so lucky today, Gillian Bell who works for Education in Parliament came to Lower Key Stage 2 to teach us how debates are ran in The House of Commons and how the Government work. We are truly enlightened and now have a much better grasp of what democracy in Britain looks like.s


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Hear how well we can debate. Watch this space, we have some potential MPs in Year 4!

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This week in Art we continued learning about line. We looked at a picture called "Haystacks on a Farm" by Vincent Van Gogh. We used viewfinders to study different parts of the image and identified what techniques Vincent Van Gogh used. We found hatching, cross-hatching, random hatching and stippling. We heard a bit about the tragic life of Vincent Van Gogh, how he only became famous after his death. While we worked, we listened to a song called "Vincent" by Don McClean which told the story of his life and mentioned many of his paintings in the lyrics.

Using viewfinders to identify sketching techniques.

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Ask us to talk with you about the different techniques used in this Van Gogh picture.

Thank you to all adults for joining us for our Paint for Pudsey day. As always our children behaved themselves very well and kept their adults in line......welll nearly all of them.....! You know who you are!! Looking forward to seeing you all again for Christmas Crafts next month!


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   Wonderful Feedback About Our Children

Gillian Bell, the lady who came in from the Parliament Education Department, gave us wonderful feedback about our children and her experience at Waverley. We received a lovely e-mail from her in which she stated;


"Thanks for inviting me to visit your school earlier today: I really enjoyed working with the children, and was particularly impressed with their knowledge, as well as their skill and ideas in debating"


They really did us proud! Well done Lower Key Stage 2!