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Autumn 2

Fire and Ice

This half term our topic is Fire and Ice. We will be looking at the Great Fire of London/ Newcastle as well as looking at the polar regions. In Science we will be looking and investigating different materials. 


Welcome back a reminder that our P.E. day is Wednesday, so please ensure your children bring them back to school. 

Homework will be issued on Fridays to be returned on Wednesdays.

Spellings will be issued on Fridays and children will be tested the following Friday. 

9th December - 13th December Aut 2 


We have had a busy 3 weeks! We have carried out end of Autumn assessments (Practice SATs papers) in writing, reading, SPAG and Mathematics. The children worked well in small groups to complete these over a course of 2 weeks. We were also busy rehearsing our nativity. We would like to thank you all, for helping the children learn their lines, costumes and coming to watch. 


This week has been no different, we have had our 2 nativity shows. The children worked exceptionally hard and we are so pleased with how it turned out. Another thank you to all the parents and carers who turned came to our Christmas craft day. It was great to see so many of you, the children loved it. 



18th November - 22nd November Aut 2 Wk 3


This week in Maths the children added money and found the difference, helping them to understand how to work out change. We looked at the Great Fire of Newcastle and Gateshead. The children became writers for a newspaper article. We looked at examples and the features of a newspaper article. The children were then tasked to write their own. 


In History this week we looked at how we know about the Great Fire of London. We looked at Samuel Peypes and the diary that he wrote.  In Science this week we have looked at the properties of materials. Discussing which materials would be good to build a boat from. The children then built their boats in pairs and then tested to see if they float.


11th November -15th November Aut 2 wk 2


This week in English we have continued to look at non-fiction texts. We have wrote a recount of the Great Fire of London. The children have also answered reading comprehension questions based on London. This helped them to gain context of the area we are discussing. 


In Maths this week we have continued with Money. The children have been working out change, to do this the children have been using their real life experiences by becoming a shop keeper. The children then bought an item and paid, the shopkeeper worked out their change. To challenge themselves even further the children went on to buy 2 items this meant that they had to add the too items and then work out the change. 


In Science this week the children have carried out an experiment to test different materials and how changeable their shape is. The children twisted, squashed, bent and stretched a range of everyday materials. 



This Friday was Children in need. We had a visitor from Northern Gas, we had a workshop around Carbon Monoxide. We learnt all about CO and how it is detected and what happens to our bodies when we breathe CO in.  The children met Super Seymour, a bear that helps to protect us from CO. The children will each have an opportunity to take home Super Seymour who can help check your home to ensure that is safe. 

4th November- 8th November - Aut2 Wk 1


This week in English we started our new topic Fire and Ice by looking at the Great Fire of London. The Great Fire of London will also be our focus within our History lessons. The children have learnt about fire works and have all contributed to poems that we have wrote within class. We have learnt about the features of a non-fiction text and put these new skills to use when we made a poster about the Great Fire of London. 


In Maths this week we have started to look at money, counting coins and notes. The children are enjoying this topic and are often discussing about real life experiences they have had using money. 


This week we have also had our school photographs. We have also had our Paint for Pudsey day. It was great to see so many of you arrive to paint with the children. We have also had a visit from a nurse and we had a pants talk.