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Autumn 1

Week 8 – week ending on 26.10.18

Great end to the first half term by having our Stone Age day. During this day we completed various activities such as: scavenging for food, building tools and weapons, hunting a mammoth, creating cave paintings and making fire. This was a lovely end to our Stone Age to Iron Age topic. We will be starting our new topic after the holidays.

Well done for all of you who completed your buzzing bingo half termly homework. We had lots of creative Stonehenge monuments, fossils, druid crowns, dinosaur fact files and stories of Rama and Sita.

Hope you all have a fabulous half term.

Buzzing Bingo Projects 3M

Week 7 - week ending 19.10.18

  Another very busy week and we are nearly at the end of the first half term. A little reminder the children's homework projects are due in next week and we would appreciate them by Wednesday as it gives the children time to talk about their work to their peers. The children have been learning about a very famous landmark this week - Stonehenge - and its' significance. Addition and subtraction is still on-going this week and focusing on the use of an empty number line to help with calculations.


Class 3M decided to recreate Stonehenge using their bodies. They researched the different stages of building Stonehenge and where the stones came from. 

Week 6 - week ending 12.10.18

    The children in Miss Moles class collected lots of leaves from the school yard and made some lovely druid crowns. We have started work this week on addition and subtraction in Maths using place value counters and grids to visualise what happens when we add a 1 digit number to another number. Then lots of reasoning about why this all happens. In topic the children have been learning about the different types of

prehistoric houses and how they changed over a period of time.

Week 5 - week ending 6.10.18

   Lila has started her journey in search of the Fire-Fiend in our class book. The children have been enthralled by her adventures. Work this week on adverbs describing how her journey has been progressing. In Science we have learnt about a famous fossil hunter called Mary Anning who was born in 1799 and who found a fossil of an Ichthyosaur. In topic we have been looking at the evidence that has been left behind about the Stone Age and how that helps us to understand what it was like so long ago.

Recreating Stone Age cave paintings

Week 4 - week ending 29.9.18

 We are well into the story of The Firework Maker's Daughter now and discovering that the main character wants to be a Firework Maker too. Lots of work on adjectives and adverbs to create a set of instructions on how she is going to make a firework and one that will defeat the Fire-Fiend. In Maths lots of work on Place Value this week ensuring that the children understand the value of each digit in a number.

Week 3 - week ending 21.9.18

   Another busy week over. The children are reading the story of the Firework Maker's Daughter by Philip Pullman. The story will form the basis of our English lessons for the next few weeks. In Science we are continuing to look at rocks and specifically what they are used for and the different types that are found in the environment. In Geography we are continuing our journey through the Stone Age up to the Iron Age.

Week 2 - week ending 14.9.18

     Another busy week with cave paintings being the focus of Topic work and looking at natural and man made rocks in Science. In Maths work continues with Place Value and recalling times table facts. English work has revolved around the story of 'Ug - Boy Genius of the Stone Age' by Raymond Briggs and focussing on settings and characters.Image result for ug boy genius of the stone age pdf

                                                                 Week 1 - week ending 7.9.18 


   Welcome back and what a busy first week it has been. Everyone has settled in really well to all the new routines that being part of Lower Key Stage 2 brings. P.E kits need to be kept in school until half term when they should be taken home and washed. This is to ensure all children have their kits for P.E every Tuesday. Homework is set every Wednesday and is due back the following Monday. Reading books and records should come to school every day to ensure books are changed regularly. This half term the children are learning all about the Stone Age in their Topic lessons and Rocks and Soils in Science. They have begun their weekly French lessons too. The children have also designed their own Stone Age tool and have completed their design for Christmas cards that will be available later in the term for you to purchase.