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Autumn 1

Week beginning 22nd October 2018

To finish off our Dungeons and Dragons Topic we have made Chocolate Dragon Nests! Watch this space for instructions on how to make these!

Week beginning 15th October 2018

This week we have been writing information leaflets on how to take care of a dragon. We had to write a description of a dragon and write instructions on how to take care of it. We shared our work with Year 4 who were very impressed!

Information Leaflets

Week beginning 8th October 2018

This week we had a visit from the road safety officer. She taught us how to be safe when crossing the roads, and travelling in a car.

We learnt about safe places to cross the road.  



Before you cross the road!

Week beginning 1st October 2018

As part of our Dungeons and Dragons topic we visited Alnwick Castle today. The children took part in an magical tales workshop where they made magic wands to help Lady Kitty rescue the Princess from the Evil Dragon. The only spell that helped save the Princess was "EGGY EGGY WHOOPEE WHOOPEE WHOOO!" They had to help Lady Kitty defeat the Derek the Troll and cross the rickety rackety rope bridge, then through the spooky wooky forest past the Giant and finally rescue the Princess from the Cave of Doom and the Dragon...


After Lunch we learnt to fly our very own broomsticks which was great fun and took a tour around the Castle. 

First view of Alnwick Castle

Magic Spell

Still image for this video

Broomstick Lesson

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Week beginning 24th September 2018

In science we have been investigating different materials. We had to find out which materials could be altered by twisting, stretching, squashing, bending, heating and cooling. We found out some mouldable materials like play dough, pipe cleaners and blu-tac can be twisted and squashed to make new shapes but can return to their original shape easily. Some materials like sponge balls and elastic bands restore their shape after being squashed or twisted because of elasticity or air trapped inside them.


Our favorite experiment was changing the shape of chocolate buttons from a solid to a liquid. To do this we used the heat from our hands to melt the chocolate. It was delicious!!!