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Autumn 1

A visit from Catherine McKinnell, our representative in Parliament

Today, we welcomed Catherine McKinnell into school. We have been thinking about the things that we value, and the values we hold, that make us British.


Here are some of the questions we asked:

- What is your political ideology? 

- If you could go back to yourself as a child, what do you think you'd say when hear that you are an M.P.?

- How do you feel about the current state of the world? Do things like, poverty, climate change and the Covid-19 worry you? 

- What do you think are our British values? 

- What is it like working in the Houses of Parliament? 

Red Cabbage ph tester...

Yes... that's right... a ph tester made out of red cabbage! It worked! Ask us what we did and what happened. Mrs Sample forgot to take lots of pictures because she was sooooooo excited. Mrs McGettrick and Mr Garrod joined in too!


Still image for this video

Mathematical Reasoning and Problem Solving

This week, in Maths, we have worked together to solve some rather tricky addition and subtraction, multi-step problems. 

Ph Soil Samples

In Science, we have been introduced to the ph scale of acid and alkaline. Did you know that you can use simple house hold substances to see if soil is acid or alkaline? We used distilled vinegar and baking powder to investigate the soil on the school grounds. We looked for chemical reactions... If the soil reacted to the acidic vinegar, it was an alkaline soil; if it reacted to the alkaline baking powder, it was an acid. 


What do you think it was... acid or alkaline? 

The Land of Pandora

This week, we used the land of Pandora to inspire us in creating our own world. We focused on using figurative language in our setting descriptions of both worlds, with some fantastic results. 

Local Legends

Our History and Geography work this term is entitled Local Legends. We thought about what this could mean and immediately developed a pride in the place we call home!

We have been getting straight into our Science work!

Ask us about our Science lesson and what we were doing with the lemons! We will astound you with our subject knowledge and vocabulary...

In English, we looked at the book 'Flotsam'. We used it to show Mrs Sample our ability to write a descriptive piece. We thought about the features we should include in writing a diary and wrote our own from the boy's point of view.