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Autumn 1

Week Beginning 20.9.21

In maths today - some of us worked our practical solutions to make the concept of decimals stick in our head. We worked using place value grids and place value counters and have nailed it! We're so clever!!

This week in R.E we have been thinking about how faith is expressed through music. We recognise that the words of religious songs are often passages from the text of the faith. We took passages from the Bible and composed melodies to turn them into songs.

In Science we recapped our learning on electrical conductors and insulators. We discussed what happens to electrical energy when it meets a conductor as a opposed to an insulator. We made working circuits and then tested various different materials by inserting them into the circuits. If the bulb still lit up it meant that material was a conductor and if it didn't it meant it was an insulator.

Week Beginning; 13.09.21

In Art this week we learned how to use repeated shape and pattern to create our own patterned doodles using fineliner.

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The music we are listening to this week is a relaxing album called Wanderlust.

In Maths we were finding it really hard to round larger numbers to the nearest ten and one hundred thousand. We took a different approach, nailed it and made it sticky knowledge by practising our new learning by playing the Rounding Rabbits Race board game.

Forest School Fun

Despite the weather being drizzly and damp, it didn't dampen our spirits. As we are learning how to read maps using grid references, we tried our hand at orienteering around different parts of the Dene. We not only got our head around direction and compass points, we are now also able to identify manytrees, plants, bushes and berries growing in our local area. We even found a fox poo!!!!!!!!!

Faith Through The Arts

In RE we started learning about faith through the Arts. We talked about how we show our feelings and emotions in different ways, through voice, song, action and expression. We looked at how people express their faith through dance, song and poetry.

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Watch our mime acts and see if you can guess which emotion we are trying to portray.


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Week Beginning 6.9.21



Welcome Back!!


I has been wonderful to welcome our lovely children back - and although we are a slightly smaller crew than last year, we're still the largest of characters!


Here are some reminders and helpful information to get you started. 


Monday -

Times Table Tests (At this stage you should be regularly revising ALL your times tables up to 12 x tables)

Reading Book and Reading Record.


Tuesday - 

PE Day - wear your PE kit to school. 

Reading Book and Reading Record


Wednesday - 

Spelling Test

Homework to be completed (online and any written work)

Reading Book and Reading Record.


Thursday - 

Reading Book and Reading Record


Friday - 

Shop Day for good attendance

New homework given to be submitted the following Wednesday.

Reading Book and Reading Record.