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Autumn 1

Week 4

We’ve had another super week in Y4! In English, we’ve written a dragon classification guide. We used some excellent descriptive phrases in our writing. We have also followed instructions to make a story cube. As you can see, not everyone was successful within the time limit! 

In science, we have recapped the particle model using multi link to represent each particle and used the model to explain and compare how solid particles move inside both a cold and hot liquid. We predicted that the hot water would give the particles more energy, so they would move faster through the water and spread out further than in the cold water.

On Thursday, we continued exploring lines in artwork, using the medium of pen. We practised using different pens with a variety of thicknesses and then observed carefully the lines on our hands.

Week 3

On Monday, we were representing numbers using place value counters. We’ve begun reading our new class novel, ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ and are excited to find out how Hiccup catches his own dragon.

On Tuesday, we were challenged to make a lean on den at Forest School. We had a look at the different types of dens that Y3 had made in the morning and discussed how we thought they had made a lean on structure. In our teams, we had to communicate effectively to build a den. Each team were resilient and everyone got stuck in! The staff were very proud of your efforts Y4 - superb effort!

Week 2

This week we have been investigating different substances in Science. We discussed their properties, which ones they shared and which were different and decided that each group substance was either a solid, liquid or gas.

In art this week, we practised drawing lines using graded pencils. We looked carefully at the shape of a leaf and added light and dark areas to our drawings.

On Friday, we had a special visit from Mr Thompson, who came to talk to us about his previous job, working in the navy as a submariner. He explained the similarities and differences between the pirates that we’ve met in our class novel and the modern day pirates that he used to catch whilst in the navy. 

Week 1

This week in Y4 we have been reading Jolly Roger by Colin McNaughton. We’ve been learning to speak like a pirate, have written limericks and have made colourful pirates. In maths, we worked in small teams to try and solve a problem of 4 fours. We’ve also begun learning hockey skills in PE.
Everyone has settled in well to the new routines and we’ve had great start to the new year! Jack T was the achiever this week for working hard and being resilient all week. Well done Jack!