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Autumn 1

Week 3

Today year 3 learned about the different types of Stone Age houses. They found out that hunter-gatherers from the Mesolithic era built temporary shelters and moved around to find food. These shelters were made of wooden poles in a teepee shape and covered in animal skins. They used ferns, moss and other plants to make a soft, warm floor. At forest school year 3 had a go at building their own temporary shelters!

Week 2

This week year 3 have learned about the Stone Age and why hunting was so important! They have found out about how hunter-gathers lived in the Mesolithic Stone Age. They had a go a hunting Stone Age animals with spears and gathering nuts, berries and plants from the forest!


Today year 3 created a role play to instruct and explain the steps they would need to take in order for how to was a woolly mammoth! They performed and narrated their role play to the rest of the class.

Week 1

This week year 3 have been reading How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth by Michelle Hindley. The children have researched facts about mammoths, learned to use verbs and prepositions in sentences and how to read and follow instructions to make a woolly mammoth. 

Congratulations to our Junior Great North Run runners!